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    Default Winged Nurgle Lord Conversion

    Here is a recent WIP, converting a standard Chaos Marine into a Chaos Lord with wings (obviously) and eventually a demon weapon (it will be a Plaguescythe).

    As of now, I\'ve got his wings done, the left side of the helm finished (it\'s going to include a skull motif), and the posing more or less finished. It\'s also a bit hard to tell, but his torso has been widened and deepened, and his new abdomen is extended some. This makes his a bit bigger, and in retrospect his legs should have been lengthened as well (I mean they start scaled a bit off) but I figured with wings he ought to have a beefier upper body.

    I still have some work to do on the legs, mainly smoothing them out, and the backpack as I melted the crap out of it in iteration 1.0 of mini-oven. It\'s since been fixed. Anyhow, pictures!

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    Very cool so far. Can I ask what he\'ll be posed on? And what colors are you going for? I know the general Nurgle scheme and all, but are there any key colors you\'ll be selecting to make this bad boy stand out?

    I\'m glad you lengthened the legs a bit, or he\'d look too top heavy. His upper torso is bigger, but it\'s not obnoxius. It more or less looks like he\'s swollen from disease and plague. Good job so far.


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    :o This is awesome!

    I have only recently begun using GS to any extent, and your work here really motivates me to work on and improve.

    What are the wires for? The one from the mouth looks like a link to the backpack, but what about the others. Are they going to be tentacles or something else?

    Keep it up and keep us posted.

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    Looking right nice. I\'m liking the wings, but I guess I\'m seeing them being a little more \'molty\'. For Nugle I guess that I\'m thinking missing feathers and less parallel lines in the feathers.

    Just M2C thou. Keep it up.

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    @red: As for colors I\'m going to go with a dark nasty green, probably mostly Cryx Bane from PP (I love that color), with a lot of brown and yellow discoloration and \'ooze\'. The fleshy bits and fungus will likely be varied lighter shades of green and pale yellow-pinks (basically I\'ll nasty-up some pale flesh). WIngs will be a brown, trying to mimic vulture colors with runs of yellow, orange, brown and green. Also, the \'skull\' side of the helmet will be highlighte all the a to white pretty heavily, to make it really skull-like.

    As for the rest of the army, I haven\'t actually got a Nurgle force: I just have extra marines from an abandoned EC force when I fond out about the new codex rules.

    I\'m planning to pose him on a more or less flat base, probably asphalt-like or industrial. I\'m hoping to add some little skuffs and rubble to make it look as though he\'s slamming into the ground to deliver a blow.

    @Q: Starting with GS is brutal, but if you stick with it you\'ll learn fast: this is about the 7th time I\'ve really used the stuff. Just be patient, keep stuff wet, and keep at it!

    The wires are the armature for his arms, as I don\'t think I can repose Chaos arms with less work than just makin new ones. They\'re a bi over-long at the moment,but they\'ll be gripping a scythe (pics when I get it together a bit more).

    @mud: I tried to make it a bit molty at first, but I couldn\'t get it to look both like it was actually a wing and not just \'plastered on\'. I might try and add some more strays to muss it up a bit, but I\'m not sure. I agree I\'d like them a bit molty and ragged, with missing and displaced feathers.

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    lovely twisted and sick - good work

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    Finally an update! His arms have been right tricksy little fiends. After several restarts I\'m finally getting to be happy with how they\'re coming out. I\'m also not sure if I want to keep the bubbles on the scythe, I might try drilling a Nurgle tri-spoti nto it.

    Obviously the left hand is not done, and both wrist-things still need a lot of detailing.

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    Great to see some progress :)

    The arms look great and I bet they were a little tough to do. Good job on them though.

    The weapon looks very nice and I like how you gave the contour to the shaft of it like that. I see you have green stuff going towards the head of the weapon, what you could do is have some at the bottom too to create a gruesome handle; possibly a \"claw\" with some grizzly material dripping off of it?

    As for the head of the blade, personally I wouldn\'t drill it. You\'re a good sculptor, what you could do is sculpt some \"growth\" from the point where you have the greenstuff on the shaft to the \"tri-spot\" to make it look like the entire weapon itself is alive with infestation. That\'s just the way I envision it!

    Excellent job though :)

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