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    Default My first \"proper\" greens

    You know how it is- you think up a really cool D&D setting, then realise that no-one makes the right minis to represent your quirky new species. This, therefore, is my attempt to cope with this problem. Please don\'t laugh too much! :)

    Group shot, with Dark Sword guy for size comparison:

    They\'re a little bigger than I was aiming for, but never mind. I think they\'ll still work.

    Beetle guy close-up:

    He\'s pretty much finished, I think. The sword\'s from Reaper- no way am I that good!

    Bird-man close-up:

    He\'s meant to be more hawk than parrot, but pretty Polly was quite hard to avoid. Still need to do his arms, wings and weaponry/accessories. Oh, and his feet!

    Lizard-man close-up:

    I\'m quite pleased with the chest and spikes, less thrilled with my attempt at scales- still not quite sure of the best way to do them.

    Whadd\'ya think?

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    Oooooh :)
    Way to go! :D

    I like the bug guy - although I\'dv used plain wire for his mandibles :)

    My problem when sculpting or even just drawing from scratch is maintaining scale - and those guys all look pretty spot on to me :D

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    Cool. I love the fact that you \"simply\" create new models when the standard ranges give out - that\'s the spirit. You have done very well, and you\'re right about the chest which is well made. I also like the patterns on the carapace and the antenna on beetle guy.

    To fix the beak on the bird man, can\'t you cut off a bit of the round sides of the beak and sculpt a new, more vertical side with a pronounced opening of some kind - maybe even jagged to make him even more like a bird of prey?

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    really like that bug - not that easy to squashhhhhh

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    Thanks guys! I\'m pretty pleased with the bug, too- can you tell his favoured class is fighter? ;)

    DaN- I never thought of using wire for the mandibles, but it\'s a good idea and would have been a lot easier! The scale thing is very tricky- I tried to be strict with myself and they\'re still a little bigger than I planned, especially the bug. He\'s supposed to be small!

    Quareni- Thanks! Although I wouldn\'t have said it was simple! :P That\'s a good suggestion about the beak- I might try it.

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    Its a nice start though some areas look a little rushed. While I am by no means a master sculpter myself, I feel you\'ll get a far more even surface by building up areas in more, smaller layers. Then you can file down any uneven areas and it will help you to achieve equal proportions throughout as on the bug some legs look a little thicker and slightly different in shape to others. Still very nice start and its always good to see people attempting to make their own mini\'s from scratch.

    Keep up the good work!



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    i like these more than the othr D&D models hese havea more home made, propper D&D minis!!


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    Thanks once again! :)

    CMDante- the reason the look a bit rushed is that they probably were! I\'m a bit impatient at times, and I don\'t have anything like the amount of control I need. I\'ll try and put your suggestions into practice tho. I used a combination of pure greenstuff and 50:50 greenstuff/magic sculp, and I found the latter much easier to smooth when soft and sand when dry.

    nick232- Eeeep! Expectations! *hides* But thank you! :)

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