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    Originally posted by chaos_undivided
    Those are f***ing beautiful. When are they coming out \'cause I want them NOW!!! And who\'s that guy on the picture holding the hammer on his horse?
    That would be valten on horseback. There\'s a whole thread about him in the warhammer section of you want to know more.

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    Default yetis yetis yetis...

    The ogres do look very awesome, and are some of my favorites of all the WFB stuff.

    But I crave more info on those Yetis.

    Are they part of an army?

    Any miniatures?

    Can you send me some?lollol

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    the yetis will be part of the ogre army, they are no models yet, but they should come out some time after christmas since they are the next army GW is producing.

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    I\'ve seen a \'green\' of one of the Ogres and they are just like short-arsed giants. (That make sense?) As for the Yetees wait and see.
    The Chaos Warriors are quite larger than I\'d expected, taller than a Standard Space Marine and equally as wide if not wider.
    They will look really fearsome ranked up against any army, especially when given a coherent colour scheme.

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    The new chaos warriors are fantastic, miles better than the last ones, I wonder what weapon options will be in the box?

    Gw really are pushing the boundaries of what can be done in plastic, they look just as good and detailed as metal models

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    Default is it just me...

    or is the mounted Valten making a rude gesture? lol

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