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Thread: JBT DVD available in July ;)

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    This sounds cool i am very interested! Finally i can learn to speak with a french accent!!!!

    oh and learn to paint at the same time :)


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    To coin a phrase...... I`ll buy that for a dollar!! or 40 or 20 odd of the Great British Pound:D

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    I would kill to get my hands on this but paying would be easier.

    Are there any details about how to purchase this yet?

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    Do you plan to have this available at GenCon in August?

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    of course it\'ll be for Gencon and world expo!!!
    And i\'ll send you news about how purchase it ;)

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    Add another one for this! For what included its well worth the money!

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    Oh, do we have to say we want to sign up for one? It\'s early morning here, I\'m not fully with it.

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    so when i go to the world expo, i can get mine before primeval?! :P

    save a copy for me jerems

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    The DVD is available now !!!!! I am very proud to send you this new ;)

    The trailer is online here:


    To have more precisions (prices, availability, summary...), go there:


    And of course on the website of Kraken Editions/Artefactory:


    Two new miniatures are available now for World expo. Enjoy!
    John King , a pirate kid, 54 mm, sculpted by Benoit Cauchies ;)

    And a demoniac demon bust, by François Ramet :

    Byeeeee, i have to paint theses before World expo ;)
    Arg, 3 days….

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    Sorted out the links for you Jeremie.

    The trailer looks fantastic.
    My payday is on the 18th of the month, looks like I\'m going to have to be paitient until then.

    Merci mes ami.

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    just ordered it through Kraken :D (as well as a couple of lovely minis)

    curtesy of the tax man hehehe

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    And as always, thank you for being so willing to teach and share, Jeremie.

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    The only issue I see is that the UK version may not play on a USA player. I made that mistake sending a DVD set of firefly to a friend in the UK for Xmas. He\'s never been able to watch it. So is there an offisial USA version?

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    ok... i cant resist it anymore.. doesnt the demon bust look like George Bush!?


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    I\'ve ordered my copy. Liz, you\'ll have to come over and watch mine. :D

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    Liz, most DVDs of this type are region free, so any modern setup (players bought within the last 3-5 years) should play it fine. Failing that, it will run fine on a PC/Mac, you might just have to change the region on your playback software (there are plenty of region hacks if you have a limited number of region changes on your computer).

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    I have placed my order with Freakinacage as he is off to the World Expo and wants a copy himself :D

    That pirate boy looks very nice as well :)

    If anybody sees Tim (Freakinacage) at the expo please remind him otherwise he is going to kick himself when he eventually remembers :D

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    There is no problems about reading the DVD on PC Mac DVD player everywhere in the world. There is no stupid protection;)

    here is my funny edito;)
    To receive the newt on:


    Thanks for your interest in this project !

    At that time when major TV channels and big advertisers don’t want to talk about such a highly important miniaturistically event, because they prefer to focus on block busters or summer hits each one as much tasteless as each other, it remains to me only my poor website and specialised forums to talk about this huge audiovisual topic: the release of the new “Miniatures painting DVD”.
    what\'s that got to do with the price of eggs and fish? <br>

    This DVD (or these DVDs, as I should say, because there are two of them) is close to the famous TV concept of 100% foot on CNOX News, which consists in having some people sit around a table, talking during an hour about a topic they think they know, and watched by billions of guys…. Close because there is some small differences: first I’m alone in the TV, second you’ll have to watch for almost 8 hours and last in spite of all my effort, you won’t be a lot to watch it in prime time (bloody CSI…)<br>
    So this summer, instead of having a bath between two Buds, I invite you to stay inside, in front of your TV or your PC, with me in your living room, almost sit down on your knees, to watch a DVD about the painting of small guys, even if you already complain to lack time to paint…<br>

    To be forgiven, here is a small video, first extract of a series which will be broadcasted soon.

    Enjoy the teaser, its forbidden laughting about me hihihi

    The next three full video extracted from the DVD, which will be released soon, will deal about the theoretical part of the zenithal light (drawings, scheme, shots and talks during 7 or 8 minutes), the 20 minutes step by step about the pre-shadowing method, the successive layers, the crossing of brushstroke, washes, glaze and other temperamentalery, and at last a miniature commented by an off screen voice: “Athela”, based upon the Artemis from Hasslefree. So try to surf on the website these next days. Tuesday or Wednesday, I hope, if I’ve got time to mount all of this ;)
    I’d like to thanks all the helpers around this project (you’ll find the list on a dedicated page on my website.

    If you enjoy the DVD, do not hesitate send your comments to your friends, to a store you enjoy, on forums on internet…

    Right, now I’ve got 2 days before the World Expo to paint these two miniatures….
    Miniaturistically yours,

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