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    hi guys
    its my birthday today (im 22) and ive been contemplating what to spend my birthday money on.
    Im highly tempted to get some Andrea minis or the reaper centaurs.
    im also looking for something with a magnifier and lights.

    if i really get a lot of money i want a forgeworld winged hive tyrant but i think im being optimistic there lol.

    just out of curiousity whats on your birthday list? what are the minis you are really wanting to get?

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    Happy birthday! :) :beer:

    I\'ll have to think about that list... :twisted:

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    happy birthday!! think mine would be some rackham stuff, decent brushes and a time machine

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    Happy Birthday! :flip:

    Incidentally, I\'ve had a look at your artwork so I know where the name comes from. I like those unifrogs. :D

    In terms of light/magnifiers, I\'ve recently changed what I was using. I now have clip-on mag lenses for my specs although a headband type would be similar. I also bought an OTT truecolour lamp which is the bee\'s knees.

    Why stop at a winged Hive Tyrant, if it\'s a wish list. Go for a Harridan. :D That is something that would be on my birthday list but there\'s no way I\'ll be getting one for a birthday. it\'s something I\'d have to save up for, if I can justify spending that much money.

    There are loads of minis I\'d like, from Wyrd, Hasslefree, Gamezone, to name but three. I just received a parcel from Crunch-Waffle today. Lots of Waggamaephs and Dire Mole. :bouncy:

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    Originally posted by Queenoftheunifrogs
    its my birthday today (im 22)
    Oh dear another Baby.:bouncy::bouncy::bouncy:
    Many happy returns, from an Old F*rt.

    As for your list It\'s your day, knock yourself out with what you want to get, but I\'d suggest Hasslefree\'s Miranda, Anything from Spyglass, and the new mini from MiniPainters Miniatures - - Nenqua \'the First Born\'. another very suitable miniature for some classic painting.
    Personally I\'d leave the Gribbly Nids alone and go for lots of somethings to make me work at my painting.

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    happy birthday dude,
    my mini list is simple - i want them all!!

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    Happy birthday! =)

    I\'d go for the lights. If you\'re anything like all the painters I know, you\'ve already got piles and piles of \'projects\' waiting on, under, and around your painting table. Get yourself something that\'ll help you paint \'em all!

    That said... here\'s hopin\' you get enough for the FW Hive Tyrant. =P


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    :beer: happy birthday :drunk:

    my birthday wishlist would be:

    new lamp and brushs

    and some minis from andrea and pegaso :)


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    Sadly the only mini\'s currently on my wishlist are D&D minis. This is due to the fact I just started up a new D&D 3.5 game and I need a ton of mobs for the PCs to face. Since I only really paint like 1 mini a quarter, prepainted minis are currently more useful to me.

    EDIT: happy birthday BTW.

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    Happy Bday!

    My list? One of those decorating shows to come and do my house over so I can sell the thing at a reasonable price and get out from under the last reminents of my marraige.

    Or some chocolate. Either one will do.

    Actually, I want a new camera but I may take care of that before my birthday. I need it for comps and Mr C is claiming the one I have.

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    For my next birthday can I be 22 again? :drunk:

    Happy birthday! :drunk:

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    On my birthday list model wise (anything related to my GD entries).

    On my birthday list reality wise (i hope) are some Euros for when i shoot off to belgium (hopefully) next month :D

    Though a good decent painting space would be nice :) and/or a good camera or a new recording microphone.

    Its a month away best get deciding hehe

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    thanks for the replies guys! :D
    some interesting minis on the lists here, might look at some of them.
    well i got more then i expected due to generosity from my gran so turns out i have enough for a winged hive tyrant after all, maybe even a malanthrope too....also treated myself to the new GW washes, a magnifier headband with lights and ive placed an order for two reaper centaur minis which ive seen painted on coolmini and look rather nice. just waiting for the person on ebay whos selling them to get back to me on combined postage.

    spent most of today stripping back my changer of ways from my chaos spawn diorama...i have learned so much since i attempted to rescue that from its previous paint job. ive left the head painted as its the only bit i was happy with but it was painted over a previous paint job and unfortunately the head and neck were the only things that looked right. ive stripped it back and im going to re-pin the whole thing. im glad i did it even though its taken off a paint job that took a few hours to do. i didnt put the mini together and i found a lot of the details were obscured by a thick undercoat or superglue.

    i did get a rather unusual birthday treat, i got to fly a Bald eagle as well as a chilean blue eagle and a barn owl. i love the local falconry centre lol

    oh yes and i am delighted with the Eldar Banshee that im painting at the moment. the mini itself has a fair few bodged up cast lines but im really getting the hang of shading and layering on it, the legs are looking the best ive done so far.

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    Happy birthday to you..I hope it was a good one :)

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    Happy Birthday!

    Don\'t know what mini\'s I\'d stick on a bday list...possibly none. Either that or I just can\'t be bothered to think about it lol

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    Happy Birthday and one hell of a cool treat.

    Now just wish when its my Birthday someone takes me out and lets a few great looking birds fly my way :).

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    Happy birthday!

    Have a snakelocks anemone.

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