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    Hey their fellow hobbyists...I was recently browsing the net and stumbled across this website concerning the future of the internet and the world wide web in seems a bit farfetched and over done...but it may have some truth behind it...please watch and give you thoughts concerning it....

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    Net Neutrality is the basic premise of today\'s internet. Trying to scrap it is essentially a scheme designed to make some people a LOT of money, by essentially blackmailing \"content providers\" into paying TWICE for their websites to be available to an ISP\'s customers. And by granting lucrative\"exclusive\" deals to some sites, while excluding others. And by selectively blocking any sites that it might not be in their best interests for you to visit.

    As it is now:

    a) Google pays their ISP for their connection to the internet.
    b) Their ISP pays \"backbone\" providers for their connection to the internet.
    c) Your ISP pays the backbone providers for access to the internet.
    d) You pay your ISP for access to the internet.
    e) You can access Google.

    So why should Google pay YOUR ISP directly for you to be allowed to visit their site? Everyone\'s already getting paid. But the ISP\'s want to get paid both ways, by you, and by the websites that are already paying to be connected.

    Utter bullsh*t.

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    If the internet died tomorrow I would just go back to doing things like I did before it was around.

    Oh internet we barely knew ye.

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    Originally posted by DarkStar
    If the internet died tomorrow...
    Shhhhhh! Don\'t say that. I hope that\'s not like saying, \"Boy, it\'s quiet today.\" in the office lol

    Actually think how awful it would be if the Internet did somehow disappear completely - no online vendors; no Google searches for anything you\'re curious about, at any time of day; no, ah, free adult entertainment; no IMDb or; no online gaming and last but not least, no discussion fora!

    Argh, my head hurts just thinking about how bored I\'d be. Course then I might actually see about getting a life, but that\'s a minor detail...


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    The way the net is going at the moment we\'re going to run out of bandwidth long before this happens. Anyone else got involved with this whole IP6 escapade? Essentially the world has run out of IP addresses and we\'ve had to change the way they\'re laid out and communicated.

    Can\'t see anyone charging anymore for anything really. The problem companies have at the moment is competition and this would mean they\'d all have to agree on pricing etc

    Even if it did happen a year later one of the ISPs would come out with \"free unlimited websites for life\" deal just to snag customers. Then all the other ISPs would follow suit.

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    Originally posted by DarkStar

    Oh internet we barely knew ye.
    Ah, the classic Andre the Giant celebrity funeral on The Simpsons! It brings a tear to my eye! :(

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    This is why we should all worship Al Gore like a god..he invented the internet after all :rolleyes:

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    if the internet died then no more cmon :( :( but then i might get some school work done lol

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    This South Park episode is a good one:

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    lollol southpark rocks !!!!!! lollol

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