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Thread: Your oldest/newest submissions to Coolmini!

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    Orginal gepostet von Jericho
    ...Nothing is worse than trying to recreate an effect (or touch up a model after it\'s been chipped/broken) and realizing you have no idea what paints you used in the first place.
    Yup. I got stuck with my wraithlord, because I forgot the recipe for the green shading I used on half of the mini already...

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    Wow, both of those look good but the style and atmosphere of the two minis is so completely different it\'s hard to tell if the technique has improved or not. I really like the snow effect on the first one :D

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    only been painting a year but i think theres been an improvment already :) especially in photography!

    First jun 07

    Latest Jun 08

    Thanks CMON! :)

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    This Bookshelf was the first mini I painted after reading White Dwarf 100 (my first experience with a how too guide). Previous to this I did paint some minis with testors and paint markers but I didn\'t even get the entire mini and didn\'t even have the dex to \'keep in the lines\'

    No where near the first mini I painted, this was my first submission to CMON:

    Here is my latest submission (also the latest mini I have painted). I think you will see some definate improvement at each stage.

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    This WAS posted on Cmon back when I first got here. It was painted in 1992 with unthinned Applebarrel paints and crappy brushes. I was pretty proud of it at the time. I have a bare metal one that I might paint in the same colors to show the difference in my painting now.

    This isn\'t the latest thing in my gallery because the latest thing was a rush job and not all that great. This is the one I\'m most proud of.

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    I think the amount of comments given in that particular WIP Liz, and that is one WE are most proud of too :)

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    Automaton - you are one of the reasons I gave up painting.

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    Originally posted by Jericho
    And Sebastian, I\'m pretty sure you\'ve had a pretty big impact on a lot of us in this thread :D

    That\'s a very nice thing to say mate...hopefully a good impact then! :D

    And thanks arogers for a nice comment too.


    Originally posted by squidders
    Automaton - you are one of the reasons I gave up painting.
    NO no, I hope you are just joking squidders!!! That\'s a horrible thing...maybe one of the worst insults a painter can receive I think! Because for me at least, one of the main reasons for painting a mini and posting photos online is to give some sort of pleasure to the viewer, or to hopefully inspire other painters to try making someone want to give up is the complete opposite of the desired result.

    Sorry to go off topic by selfishly talking about myself everyone! hehe :duh:

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    It certainly has been a good influence you\'ve had Seb. In fact, you and Russell have probably been the two
    most influential painters to me personally since I started this hobby.

    I was really looking forward to meeting you in June at Meg\'s place and disappointed to see the change in plans. Guess that\'s how the ball bounces though. I\'m sure I\'ll get another chance to learn from you in the future though, even if just through studying your work.

    Keep it up! You are wildly talented and your work inspires a lot of us who hope to one day be able to paint at your level while you far surpass it.

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    Automaton - I meant it not as an insult... far far from it! The truth is that I gain more pleasure in seeing your work than I ever got from creating my own. And also, you represent a standard I strongly suspect I could never achieve.

    In short, please don\'t stop posting your amazing work any time soon ;)

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    i try not to post in here just cause i feel like the little kid at the grown up table. oh well
    heres my first

    and latest

    i guess i have improved ???
    maybe on the bases
    didnt know the 1st and last were power armor. something i hope to improve upon

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