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    Default New GW washes

    Anybody have a chance to try out the new GW washes yet? How do they compare with the old GW inks.

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    i just got some today and ive been trying them my opinion they are a hell of a lot better. they go on smoother, its easier to build up layers without leaving tide marks and they behave in a really pleasing way. take a look at my eldar banshees thread in the wip section and theres an example of washes on a farseer.
    the old inks go on darker then the new washes but the new washes have a much nicer and more subtle effect

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    bunch of examples and links to more examples are in my blog

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    I am EXTREMELY pleased with the new washes. They are fantastic. I am working on a Bretonnian army, which will soon appear in the WIP forum showing my results so far.


    -Very predictable. Wherever it pools on the miniature, that\'s the way it dries, unlike inks which can get nasty.

    -Thick and require no diluting. Thick enough that it doesn\'t run all over the place, but thin enough to still flow into the recesses.

    -Great colors. Even though there is only 8, they seem to work great for any job.

    -Little pigment. This creates very subtle shading on flatter areas, but still creates deep shadows where you apply it heavier.


    -Little pigment. While this can be an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage if you are looking for very dark shading. You will need to apply several layers to get dark enough.

    -Bottle design. Maybe it\'s just my batch, but the new style bottles on the washes don\'t have much of a lip on the front, making them very difficult to open.

    Everyone else please share your experiences with these new washes! We might be able to learn some new tricks from each other.


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    I have te new set but haven\'t had chacne to use them yet as the majority of my mini\'s are in the building phase still.

    But will post back when i have chance

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    How do they compare with making your own wash with a highly pigmented paint and matte medium?

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    Originally posted by DaRat
    How do they compare with making your own wash with a highly pigmented paint and matte medium?
    Much better. :D

    Only disadvantage is you don\'t get the exact color you want, only what you can mix out of the 8 colors.


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    I haven\'t had a chance to put them to the test personally yet, but I picked myself up a set this weekend. I\'m hardly ever in GW stores but my Blood Bowl league happened to have a tournament in one on Saturday; while I was sitting out one round because of an odd number of players, I spent the time talking to the manager -- who\'s won six Demons at LA Games Days in the past -- about painting. Obviously it\'s now his job to give me the sales pitch, but he sat me down and showed me how he was using them on a couple of his current works and let me try some on a couple figures I had with me -- I was sold.

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    I have to admit they are very easy to use, and not too pricey considering the price of most gw products these days!

    They are definatly worth a try, the shop have them out to try in my local on their models too :)

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    Default need to add water? Just use straight out of the bottle?

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    They can be used straight out of the bottle and work well, but they also thin down really nicely for glazes.

    When I first tried them I was pleasantly surprised as I wasn\'t expecting much, but after giving them a proper go they\'re good additions to the line, but I\'ll still use my old inks for certain jobs.

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    I bought the boxed set of washes last week and like most other people here find them very useful and user friendly. I prefer the matt look you can acheive with them over the shiny look inks produce.

    I personally thin the inks down, but I think that\'s my method of painting anyway. If you\'re not sold, buy one wash and see what you think. £2 isn\'t much to spend.

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