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Thread: Possibly the LARGEST wip ever!!

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    Stunning, I really like how you have done the yellow fleu de li on the red background.
    Those pegasus knights look great too, I have some too, but not tried them as yet.

    Will you be doing the trebuchet model ?

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    Thanks a bunch guys :)

    I actually already did the trebuchet model, check a few pages back :) Maybe I was a bit sneaky with posting it here lol

    Originally posted by Byronic
    Are you getting tired of tabards and flowing garments yet dude?
    Not quite! lol I actually enjoy them since I get to use such a variety of colors. I was getting tired of painting feathers, glad that\'s over with! lol

    Thanks again everyone,


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    is there any way you can show all the units you have done so far in 1 pic?

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    The first batch has already been shipped out, so the only group photo I could get right now would be the trebuchet and crew, the blue/white men-at-arms, the grail knights, and the pegasus knights.

    I\'ll ask the customer when he gets everything in if he doesn\'t mind taking a photo of the whole army.



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    I demand updates! This thread used to be one of my favorite ways to distract myself from doing my term papers and stuff!

    Seriously though, I hope you\'re finding the time to have some fun and relax, I\'m sure your school schedule has been nuts lately, the same as mine. I should keep this brief, I\'m almost finished an essay that was due last Wednesday. I really should get on that :D

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    If it wasn\'t for school, miniatures would be flying off the shelves! lol

    Got 10 archers done, and another 10 that are about halfway. I figured I\'d just post a pic of the whole unit when it\'s finished, hopefully by the middle of next week. :)

    After that it\'s on to the general of the army, a mounted paladin.

    Cheers, Jericho :) Better get on that paper!


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    talking of updates matt have you finished sigvald yet ??? i really want to see it finished

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    Originally posted by sg2009
    talking of updates matt have you finished sigvald yet ??? i really want to see it finished
    shhh! :D Not quite yet, as he is a side project and all of my time has been spent on school and commissions (and the occasional post here!) :) I got more of his legs done last week, not much worthy of an update. Hope to finish the legs tomorrow.


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    Those Peg. Knights are freakin\' awesome. Great job on all of this, I\'m greatly impressed how you\'re able to do this while doing well in school!


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    those pegasus knights look great. your work is very nice. Keep up the good stuff

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    Great stuff, Matt. I echo the others in saying the Peg Knight with the blue and white heraldry is a standout even among the quality of the others. :yes:

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    Wow man, you bang out those minis pretty quick, I love the great \'eavy metal team look! Keep them coming!

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    Cheers folks.

    Here\'s a new update. I put the archers on hold for this character, just to make sure that he is finished before the next shipment goes out to the customer.

    I\'m quite happy with how the face turned out. Experimenting with a few new colors. (Tallarn Flesh highlighted with P3 Hammerfall Khaki, highlighted with Bleached Bone + White. Shaded with Dark Flesh).

    The Lord\'s heraldry is a white stag on blue field. I\'m pleased with how the stag came out. I\'ll have to borrow that design for some of my Bretonnians when I manage to get to them! :D

    This is a conversion. The character had to be converted to hold the two-handed axe in one hand. Originally his shield was on his left side. The left arm is partially cut from a plastic knight, and the rest is sculpted. I also sculpted the strap/chain on his side (I figured that\'s where his shield attaches).

    Update to come soon.

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    I\'m loving that stag, it looks brilliant!

    Also a fan of the little lines on the blue :), can\'t wait to see him astride his horsey.

    (How cool would he look on a great stag eh? ^_^)

    Keep up the good work man

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    Holy ^$@&!

    The Lord\'s heraldry is awesome. I love how crisp it looks. The skin on his face is very very well done. Way to go. Great job on this entire project, it\'s been a long haul but the end result will be a beautiful thing.

    By the way, I know you work on a black primer, how do you get your whites so white? I know you use thin layers, but I\'m just curious. Pardon me if it sounds like a laundry detergent commercial, lol


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    Stag looks awesome! How much more do you have to go?

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    Cheers guys :)

    The white was just painted in many, many thin layers of Skull White. Make sure that the water you are using is clean too. I have a dropper bottle filled with clean water that I use for diluting white and other light colors.

    I\'ve got a few units of bowmen and knights left, along with 5 or so characters. Shouldn\'t take much longer! :D


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    This is going to be a awesome army!

    but there is one tiny thing about the lord dude, his metallic parts seem a little dark, it seems to be more \"chaosy\" than \"Bretonniany\", anyways, this could be \'coz of the photo :) anyway! stunning army, dont know how you do it, what drives you but its an incredible effort (a lot of people probably said this to you already)

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    What I want to know, do you sit there and have a self narrative like on \"The Joy\'s of Painting\"?

    Let\'s make some happy knights, yes, right there, happy heraldry..... don\'t forget that severed head...

    When are your finals anyways?

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    Wow, super face on the lord,

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