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    hi guys
    had a bit of greenstuff left from pinning a mini the other day and messed around a bit, came up with this. ive only ever sculpted one person before, this was my second attempt at a human face

    after i got a couple of nice comments about it i decided to mess around again today. i didnt use any reference which in hindsight i probably should have but i managed to come up with this anyway.
    Im not sure what scale it will be, its bigger then warhammer scale anyway.

    id love to get some feedback on it. lol i probably shouldnt give up the day job (if i had one) but i guess practise makes perfect.

    sorry about the bad photos, my camera is having major issues with trying to take pics of something so small. i need to get a macro lense

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    It looks kind of celtic now, what with the big droopy moustache.

    It\'s kind of hard for us to tell what scale it is too. For all we know you have immense fingers lol

    Torso next please.

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    For an early foray into sculpting it\'s a fine job, shows promise. The hair has solved one issue of the original sculpt in that it looked like the cranium wasn\'t large enough, but now it looks better. Scale wise, I would say it\'s closer to 54mm stuff.

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    Neat! At least it looks human, which is more than I can say for my first sculpted \"human\" head. :D

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    nice job, one thing i have learned is for small details like noses, make them much smaller than you think they should be. then when scale creep has kicked in, it brings it up to the right size

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