Miniature Mentor Releases Allan Carrasco Raskhal Tutorial
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Thread: Miniature Mentor Releases Allan Carrasco Raskhal Tutorial

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    Default Miniature Mentor Releases Allan Carrasco Raskhal Tutorial

    Miniature Mentor releases the Raskhal video tutorial from Allan Carrasco. Watch as Allan recreates his stunning masterpiece on various other models. Available now in download format (DVD available end of June).

    Miniature Mentor is the world's first online training library dedicated to the art of miniature painting and sculpting. Our tutorials showcase the skills of some the industry's best artists like Allan Carrasco, Laurent Expostio Mas, Julien Casses, Mathieu Fontaine and Romain Van Den Bogaert

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    Looks ok. But when are we going to get something for our subscription. fees?
    Just got an email saying I have to fork out $25 for this:o

    I am going to cancel my subscription, as I am paying money each month for the privilege of being able to buy these tutorial for the same price as every one else. This is not good value.


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    you dont have to pay $25, its 1c, go check ur emails, u should have got a session code to reduce the cost.

    also am having an issue with making a paypal payment, its claiming that it cant validate my card for the payment, despite my bank account being in credit, using 3 diff cards and a diff paypal account, iv been in contact with paypal but i was wondering if u guys knew any issues with regards to that?

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    There was a problem yesterday with the paypal not validating the purchase and not allowing you to download the video. They may have turned off all paypal activations to prevent any further problems.
    It got fixed last night and I\'m downloading the vids now, so try again to see if it works.

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