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    Default Score Sniping

    Now we know that scores are really insignificant, but the score sniping is very childish.
    Last night, I posted my latest entry and had a bit of fun getting comments, and scores at first (which is always nice to see the instant reaction, but we notice the score drop from 9.8 with 10 votes, to 9.0 with 11 votes. Now I accept that it is not a 9.8 mini, but come off it.

    Now this morning, she is at 8.9 and I surf around and HEY LOOK! Goatman\'s awesoem Beastman is also a paltry 8.9! Man, If I saw some of the art out there thta does rate that high actually display the same level of skill as his, I could accept this! But half of them don\'t!

    I think folks need be logged in to score minis. I think it might help in some small way. IPs could be tracked to see if they consistently give 1 or 2 scores, or more importantly since they get wiped, 4 or 5 scores to minis that are way higher!

    Anyways, rant off! I got enough nice comments about mine to be happy, regardless of the score. I just wish people would grow up.

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    Well, in the long run the numbers are bound to adjust, but sure it is annoying to have a sniper.

    It is a signal of your Arrival, though, so I wouldn\'t trouble much about that.:D

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    Don\'t worry about it. Any scores too far out of the standard deviation will be thrown out of the mix. Chern Ann has an algorithm that takes care of it, but it doesn\'t work until a figure has at least 50 votes.

    I\'d rather have a way to see a figure\'s vote distribution before restricting who can vote on a figure.

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    I strongly agree with Glyn.

    I dissagree that just because you have \"arrived\" doesn\'t give the right to some \"idiot\" to Slam your work with a vote that is so far off the average that i\'ts ridculous.

    Everyone one has the right to vote what they believe their oppinion of a paint job on a figure is but they should be prepared to back that vote up.

    At best votes should not be anonymous Voters should have to be logged on / registered to vote and their Vote should be tagged with their Login and IP at least a histogram of votes and how many of each mark should be available.


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    Don´t worry about this Glyn :) with about 50 votes you will have a fair vote on your mini and with 50 + x votes all irregular votes (x) are removed.

    Sure score snipping is silly, but i started to make fun out of it a year ago. Within the first 50 votes it might be possible to calculate what was voted, when you check in from time to time. You can easily calculate all 1s given. With this fact in my back i had some fun, counting all 1s within the first 50 ... :)

    my best result is 5 on Nami ... beat this ;)

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    Default Okay, you are on!

    I will try to keep track next time then! I am sure I only had 2 last night, but then I slept for 9 hours :O after that :D

    Of course it is all silly though.... I guess if I posted mine at Black Orc, she would just get a bunch of WAAAGH comments since the green is so prominent!!!

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    I think I knew some of you people in school. You were the ones who knew *exactly* what you had to score on the exam to get an A in the class :)

    Sadly, great talents (like goatman and others here) will always be beset by the petty jealousy of the untalented and small-minded (Hmm, I sound like Jules here...). After a while, a few sniping votes on any given mini here will be diluted to insignificance by the \"fair\" votes, right? This isn\'t Olympic figure skating, where one judge can just decide you don\'t get to win yet.

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    Default This is unfortunate, but me...

    The more anyone complains about sniping, grumbles about it, or even simply alerts folk to the fact that they have noticed they have been sniped, the more flak you will attract...sad but true;)

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    :o Olympic figure skating judging isn\'t on the up-and-up ? :o [horrendous shock & disappointment]

    I understand your disaappointment and frustration, but at least you paint well enough for one or two low votes to make a difference in your score;)

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    I\'m totally new to this place, and I can\'t even begin to tell you how amazed I am. It is all very inspiring.

    That model of yours is flat out gorgeous, you should know this. I don\'t understand what you expect to accomplish by berating potential \"snipers\". To me, something like starting a sniping rant is going to cause more grief than anything. No?

    No Such Agency, can you clarify if small minded is the sniping or the over-concearn about sniping.


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    Well,I am sometimes a sniper...:o
    I know I\'m going to pay for admitting that but as I already am sniped several times on each of my minis (after all they\'re unpainted and don\'t have even a base,what a scandal!...;) I\'d just like to ask:Has any of us complained about friends giving always a 10?I think some people aren\'t just jealous but sometimes compensate the too good votes friends give...On the other hand,I also compensate bad average with too good
    I\'m especially harsh with Nurgle\'s conversions as it is very easy to do (you failed?No problem;just add a scar or pustule!) and sucks a lot in terms of originality...Now you know all.For those who already knew my point of view,I apologize to them repeating that silly point of view.


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    Being \"sniped\" is just plain annoying, and even though in the long run the offending votes are removed, the low score that is reflected by such votes can influence some voters to also vote low. I have seen this on a couple of my own figures - when they were closer to 8 than 7 I got more 8s than 7s. But as soon as my sniper showed up, and dropped me down, the rest of the votes started coming in lower too. I know, not very scientific, but it also happened with Glyn\'s Druidess - she went form 9.8 to 9.0 in one vote, then to 8.9 the next, and stayed down in that range (if you can say \"down\" about a score that high :P)

    Then again, my scores are all very fair on my figures, so maybe the fact that the irregular votes are eventually taken out does work. It just irks me when anyone tries to do anything ill-natured to me, and in person I always speak up about such matters (much to my wife\'s dismay at times lol). Can\'t do that online very well, especially when the offending idiot is anonymous, so it makes it even more frustrating.

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    Yes the anonymous voters are a problem...Now everybody know what I think I will sign all the 1\'s I give (tho I haven\'t given so much as I have voted for less than 1% of the minis here).This way they will be able to take their revenge;)

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    Oh I forgot i will also explain them...I must sound as the bad guy yeah?:D

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    Default Meandering reply possible thread jack

    Most Nuke or Slash code bases have a \"Members\" ranking and a \"Non Members Ranking\" scheme for stuff like downloads and links. The problem lies in what to do with the existing base of minis where the voters status wasn\'t checked.
    It is difficult to to a \"Spread\" or range because of the SQL demands on an already busy server. Updating an average is way easier than a constantly changing set of ranges. Now if we had a Favorites listing, we could poll how many favorite lists we ranked on. That would be cool, and low overhead.
    It would also not be a change to the past.
    It would also drive page loads as Zaphod had to churn through everything again.
    I\'d like to be able to do a search for all the comments made by say goatman, with a ranking of 9 or better.
    Snipers? Low level lackeys who are employed by the evil conclave of Top Ten Artists in a disgusting but effective way of maintianing the status quo.

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    Originally posted by yrret
    It is difficult to to a \"Spread\" or range because of the SQL demands on an already busy server.
    Well, I don\'t suggest that a spread should be made for each figure. I\'m really only interested in the spread for my own figures, but I\'m curious for a couple.

    Perhaps a better answer would be a link that would return a spread (so it\'s not done on each page hit) and perhaps only availible to the owner of the entry? (And perhaps to restrict it to a max of 100 queries a day per user to avoid flooding?)

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    Default To what end?

    These are nice ideas, but what are you going to do with the information when it comes back?
    It wont change the rating, your minis rank or put you on the top 10 artists page.
    The only thing looking at the spread or similar information is going to do, is make you more angry because you will be able to see how many times you got sniped, or how many times someone rated you lower than YOU think it should have been rated, but you wont be able to do a thing about it! :mad:
    Better to just let it go and see it as part and parcel of posting here.

    Hmm.. do I see another opportunity for the cut and paste? :rolleyes: lol lol lol

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    I just wonder why the algorithm doesn\'t kick in until after 50 votes. Seems like the damage done by snipers like this would be less after that point than before. For example, Glyn\'s druidess - that 1 when there are only 10 votes hurts a lot more than a 1 when there are over 50.

    Any body know why the cut off is after 50 rather than before? CA?

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    Default It seems to me that some people are under the delusion that the world is fair...

    Show me your piece of paper that says justice rules...

    Where is \'fairness\' guarenteed?

    We should be proud of the fact that 95%+ of the people out there are simply giving an honest opinion and/or vote to match...

    This constant \'harping on\' about the few jerks who, whilst waiting for their balls to drop, take delight in allocating a few 1\'s - probably the most influential thing they can do in their pathetic little lives, seems petty at best and just serves to demonstrate to the snipers that they are ruffling a few feathers.

    Don\'t feed them...they might go away:D

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    This isn\'t about the overall voting system, so no need for the cut and paste Lurch. I am sure there are going to be people who see my work differently than I do, and accept that their scores will differ from what I expect. If the majority say my work that I think is a 7 is actually a 6, then obviously I am wrong. I am talking about scores of \"1\" on works that are clearly of a higher than average standard.

    And I don\'t really care if the world is fair or not - I already am well aware it is not. But my personal philosophy is that each and every person is responsible for themselves, and also to ensure their own personal hapiness and and protect what is theirs. So when someone is able to insult or harm me in any way with impunity it angers me. As I mentioned before, if someone did something akin to score sniping to me in person I would take action to stop them. I just got back from a concert where I had two seperate incidents where someone decided that they were somehow special and were going to push in front of me and my wife. In both cases I physically returned the person to where they came from - not something I can do when some jerk gives me a \"1\" on a miniature I have worked hard on and take pride in. I do not consider it petty to take pride in what you do and not be tolerant of those who would take pleasure in trying to tear it down. So while I don\'t have a piece of paper that says \"justice rules\" I sure as hell intend to stand up for myself and bring attention to what I percieve as injustice against me.

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