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    know I\'ve seen some minis over the years that I really didn\'t think were up to the artist\'s usual standards, but they\'re still right up there in the 8-9 category simply because of who put the brush to the pewter
    I am what Finn17 calls a lurker and have been for quite sometime - though I do sit and look over my husband\'s shoulder voicing my opinion when he is in CMON (hence the status). I admit I like to look at the mini\'s though I have no intention of ever painting one. However I have to agree with Jericho that in some cases who painted the figure plays a big part. Just because the painter has a good recognisable reputation doesn\'t necessarily mean all their figures deserve 9s and 10s - they also have off days.

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    \" I admit I like to look at the mini\'s though I have no intention of ever painting one. However I have to agree with Jericho that in some cases who painted the figure plays a big part.\"

    I have to say I completely agree with this. Some painters have inflated scores based on who they are. I\'ve seen some relatively \"blah\" stuff get high scores that way.

    Not pointing fingers though. Some would point them at me anyway :)

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    Default Honest scoring

    I have often thought that hiding the scores until after you vote is a good way of keeping the scoring system honest, but eventually realized that people who are inclined to snipe, will do so whether they see the score of not. The same goes for \'fanboy\' inflated scoring, so I gave trying to analyze the whole thing and now paint to please myself. It certainly makes painting more fun for me again.


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    Default This is one of the oldest debates on CMON...

    Sniping is a side issue..the crux of the matter is people\'s interpretation of \'tabletop quality\'.
    A gamer\'s (quite legitimate) view might be that any mini that has paint on it is \'tabletop\'. This means we are dealing with score range of 5-10 which is a nonsense.
    A painter\'s notion of \'tabletop\' will be very different and might encompass the whole 1-10 range.
    My own views have changed since I have been a regular on the site. I used to vote no lower than a five, but I began to think that this made a mockery of the whole 1-10 system and now use a much wider range of scores. I still rarely vote a \'1\' on a mini and this will only be when I think someone is \'extracting the urine\'.
    I do think that some people take the whole thing way too seriously. I notice that none of the \'pros\' on site complain about their scores and, as far as I am concerned, the guarenteed way to encourage a bully or a sniper is to keep letting them know that they are getting to you as this only encourages them:D

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    Default Hmmm

    Originally posted by finn17
    the crux of the matter is people\'s interpretation of \'tabletop quality\'.
    We think too often that everybody actually does have a valid opinion or reason, and that all the voters are actually honest and amicable human beings... HOWEVER

    I think the \"crux\" of the situation is people being petty, dishonest, or just plain silly.... It has nothing to do with interpreting tabletop quality, it is simply assheads sitting around and clicking the \"3\" button for every mini because it is not a big green WAAAGHmeister or something... Maybe they are just doing it because it is fun. Sniping is just that. Not whether a mini is tabletop or demon quality. Some people will try to bring a scor eup or down to the level they believe it should be at by giving more a less points. This is still honest voting I think. It is the other votes that are bad.

    I could go through and give \"2\" to the next 10 minis that come up regardless of what they are. I could justify this by saying that my interpretation of tabletop quality is a one on the scale? No. More likely, I will just say that I am in a crummy mood, and since I feel crummy, this guy will as well... \"2\"... and this guy will as well... \"2\".... You see the trend here.
    This is score sniping. There is no reason or justification for it. We have to live with some folks being assheads is all.

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    Default You\'ve hit the nail on the head..

    Originally posted by ZaPhOd
    We have to live with some folks being assheads is all.
    It\'s a public forum - well known fact that a small percentage of the public are arseheads.
    The only answer would be to have \'selective voting\' which has been agreed countless times would be worse. Bitchin\' on about it wont change a thing other than encourage those arseheads who read the forums to await your next post with even greater relish;)

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    Well, obviously the written word has its limitations in effective communications. Finn17 has not understood what I am saying, and Zaphod has. First off, I am not complaining about my scores, I am complaining about the act of sniping. Where did I say my scores aren\'t fair overall? Sniping to me is the act of giving a \"1\" to a figure just to bring its score down out of spite or some juvenile sense of thrill at being able to mess with someone who can\'t do anything about it. I will agree that it probably makes me angrier than it should, and that letting it go may help the offender lose interest, but I really don\'t need someone looking down their nose at me telling me \"the pros dont complain about their scores\". Especially when that isnt even the issue. I am done with the subject - obviously I am just getting myself worked up and being misinterpreted anyway.

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    Default Hmmm...

    As someone with no minis posted, the only way I could \'look down my nose\' at you is to stand on my head:D
    The assertion that people who agree with you \'understand\' you whilst those who (also agree) but hold a mildly different perspective from you \'don\'t understand\' though is also a tad irritating;)

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    It has nothing to do with you \"agreeing\" with me, you are saying I am complaining about my scores, when i am complaining about a very specific act - sniping. that is what i meant by not understanding - you of course are welcome to disagree with me.

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    Anyway, no sense in us becoming embroiled in an argument over this - I tend to be a defensive \"asshead\" (i think that was the term used) at times. i am just letting the whole sniping thing go, cant change it. but i still dont know that i feel very thrilled about posting anymore.

    and the barbarian throws down his axe and walks away from the sniping issue... lol

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    Default Not picking up axe....

    Kev, I was not referring to you personally, or any other individual on this site. Sorry if I gave that impression. I have read every post on the CMON forums and this, as you know, is a common topic. We have even PM\'d each other about it..remember?
    I appreciate and understand your disgust with snipers, and I share that disgust wholeheartedly. Scum! If I could press a button that would wipe them all off the face of the planet then I possibly would. My only, modest point was that there seems to be limited mileage in people giving themselves ulcers worrying about the fact that life is shit and then you die:bouncy:

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    *Dons the administrator hat for the first time*

    I\'m glad you guys are keeping this thread civil. One of the good things about CMoN is that you guys are well-behaved in the forums. This thread got me worried for a second, but you\'re all being adults and that makes me happy.

    Keep it up.

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    [insert random flame - to feed the Mods]


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    Default Sorry

    I am sorry I used the word \"asshead\" on the forum. I will never use the word \"asshead\" again :D

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    Default Me too

    Originally posted by ZaPhOd
    I am sorry I used the word \"asshead\" on the forum. I will never use the word \"asshead\" again :D
    I am also sorry I used the word \"arsehead\" on the forum. I will also never use the word \"arsehead\" again :D :bouncy:

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    Uh-oh, now I am on the \"watch\" list! lol

    Seriously, sorry for getting you on edge there Temperance. The \"topic I will no longer mention\" just gets me worked up, and I meant no ill-will towards Finn. Just worded my response poorly.

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    Maybe you should have used either \"asshead\" or \"arsehead\" in them...


    Just kidding of course. It is a heated topic, and one that will go on forever it seems. It is a shame not everyone can take the time to enjoy other\'s work, no matter the level.

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    Default I have developed a sniper script

    You can load it on a web server, and every time a page is loaded, in the background it will enter a 1 on a randomly picked mini from whatever nic you put it.
    Nah, just kidding. Just being a poopoo head.

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    Q : Are sniper-votes automatically ignored, or just discarded at the next update ? (for minis above 50 votes)

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    Default snipers suck

    snipers just flat out suck. I\'ve seen some really good minis 4s or 5s. soom of my dads minis drop .8 pionts in 30min.

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