Armorcast will be attending Origins 2008 at the Columbus, Ohio Convention Center. We will be in booth #928 with Lance & Laser. We will be near the paint and take booth. Armorcast will have the Terraform Battlefield Terrain products, Armorcast Resin Gallery Bases, Armorcast Tactical Minatures, Beaumont Miniatures Workshop, Booby Jackson Thugz, Ginfritter's Gnomish Works Decals and Miniatures.

New products for June:
Bobby Jackson's Thugz
(6090) Large Smoke Plumes (2)$4.00
(1907) Round Tech Base w/ Maggots $1.50
(1908) Ruined Culvert 25mm Round Base $2.00
(1909) Behive Honeycomb 25mm Round Base $1.00
(2011) Large Crystal Gallery Base $5.00
(2012) Tree Stump Gallery Base $5.00
(2013) Snow Covered Rock Outcropping Gallery Base $5.00
(BMW006) Dr. Prudence Goodbody $6.00