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    Default Darkritual\'s project logg...

    First off all hi to all of u!!

    Ok this is my first project logg so far on the internet so hope u like it.

    Army im currently working on for next years Dutch GT is going to be
    -- Khorne Beastman --

    Dont know what im going to put in yett but i made a little start today with my centigor unit.
    The first conversion of the unit is done and i hope u like it!!

    Comments, tips or critisism is more then welcome!!!

    Thx in advance!!

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    looking really nice so far, my only hint would be try and do something about the line where the two halves of the horse body meet in the middle of the chest, but otherwise its looking good.
    im liking it :) i cant wait to see it progress

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    Default Beastherd champion

    Atfirst thx for the comment and yes im going to work on it noticed it aswell going to make it better!!

    Here is my 2nd conversion

    beastherd champion:

    Again comments are more then welcome :)

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    Made the axe pole shorter cus it was to much out of balance :P

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    I was going to say the axe haft was a bit long :D

    I\'m liking that Centigor, particularly the fetlocks.

    If you\'re planning on including some undivided Bestigor (or if like most people you don\'t like the Khorngor models) I have a little conversion which might interest you.

    Just take one of the old metal Bloodletter (there ought to be a few about as they have just been superceded by the new plastics) and clip his muzzle off. Replace it with one from the spare heads you get in the gor box and fill with GS. Simple but effective and much more imposing than the old metal Bestigor which are actually smaller than the plastic Gor.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the rest of it.

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    particularly the fetlocks.
    My lovely Centigor,
    where are you going,
    with you fetlocks blowing...


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    Originally posted by DaN
    particularly the fetlocks.
    My lovely Centigor,
    where are you going,
    with you fetlocks blowing...


    In the...

    .... wiiiiiind. lol

    My bother in law is a horse dentist.

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    LoL :D

    @ undave thx for the tip m8 ill keep it in mind dunno yet is im going to make them like that since it will be hard to get the old models....

    so ill see what to do with the bestigor unit

    Here is the champion again made the adjustmets and fixed the breast plate a bit

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    Ok today i finished all the gors from the beastherd.

    Here are the pictures comments are welcome ofc!!

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    From what I can see from the photo\'s this looks like a very unique and excellent project, good luck and keep posting

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    my favourite is the guy with the 2 flails/maces! i dont know why, simple but effective conversion!

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    Thx for the comments guys ill keep it up to date and ill try to add something everyday :)

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    Default shaman

    Ok today i made my shaman hope u like him!!

    And ofc C&C is more then welcome!!

    Anny of u got a good idea for dragon ogre conversions?

    I realy dont like the GW once...

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    It has bin a while since my last update but here it is!

    Painted my shaman was not an easy job since i wanted to make it all in natural colors but not that it all looks the same.
    The chose to make the skinn a bit red since they are all going to be khorney

    Hope it turned out ok!!

    C&C Welcome!!!

    Here he is:

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    That braystaff looks really good with the new skelly on the top of it. The wood is well sculpted too. What lets it down for me is the chain, it looks too thick and twisted links always look out of place on fantasy minis. If it\'s not too late I\'d try and get some old jewellery chain to replace it.

    For dragon ogres how about using plastic rat ogre torsos and the plastic dark elf cold ones?

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    here is a good tute for making dragon ogres:



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    Thx alex!!! realy nice tutorial aswell :)

    And about the chain i might change it in the future i think its wrong aswell but im still looking for a propper one...

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    I really love personalised core units, these are great!

    Your army is going to completely unique :)

    Keep it up

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    Default Update!

    Ok guys a bigger update this time...

    Here is my new way of making centigor\'s i looked around on the web alot and saw manny good conversions of them and i notice that my upper body of my conversion was way to small for the horse that was under it.
    So i made a new conversion of the centigor hope u like it and if u got anny tips plz tell me :)

    Ok now we go to the painted stuff :)

    Here is my champion of the first beastherd

    And here is another champion witch i kinda coppied from a golden deamon winner.
    I found the unit he made on cmon site and could not keep myself of not making him aswell...

    Gave him a little twist of myself tho...

    Removed the normal feet that were under him and gave him hoofs he does not have a shield yett since im waiting for my order to come in so i can put a chaos warriors shields on him.

    Hope u like him :)

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    Today i painted my 1st centigor and im quite happy with the result!

    Comments and criticism welcome ofc :)

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