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    Default Dragon ogre

    OK here is my first dragon ogre conversion hes going to be the champion

    Im realy pleased with the result he does need some more details on some pionts like plate armour around the arms etc but this is what ive got so far

    Thx to some realy nice tutourial i got linked in one of the replies

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    Glad the tutorial was helpful to you, that is why I wrote it up. Looks like your result turned out well. Good job. I\'m always a fan of numerous conversions and great looking beastmen armies. Good job on the centigors also.

    I own over 3000 pts worth and probably have built close to 10,000 pts for others combined with my own, and they don\'t get old. Feel free to take a look at my other stuff, it helps inspire at http://s9.invisionfree.com/Madhouse_Workshop/ , but by the looks of it you are doing quite well. So keep it up.

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    Where is that dragon ogre\'s helmet from? :)

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    I\'m pretty sure thats an ogre kingdoms head, one of the irongut heads?


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    Thx for the comments guys!


    Yes i used your tutorial and i realy love it!! :)
    And ive bin on your website/forum aswell u got a realy nice looking army m8 realy love it!


    yes its a head from the iron guts were i sculped some horns on :)

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    Some really cool stuff here. I love the centigors!

    Keep it up! :D


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    That Dragon Ogre looks sweet. Been enjoying the conversions.

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    Im a bit stuck atm on my khornegor conversions im basicly using the same idea as PsychosisPC did but i want want other 2handers on them... so annyone got a nice idea of hot to make them?

    Thx in advance :)

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