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    Perhaps it\'s been discussed already. I\'ve been away from CMON for a while, until recently.

    I\'m looking for tips on good NMM weathering. I\'ve tried it for the first time on the ORC HERO click to see him

    I think my edges may be too clean. I feel like it could improve.

    I would appreciate any advice.

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    You could try using the MIG pigments instead of paint these can be fixed permanently using the pigment fixer you can get for them once you have the desired results you want and up until that point you can use a thinner to wet blend them.

    Used a lot with the historical armour modellers with some fantastic results both on armour and figures. MIG now do a DVD tutorial as well showing you how to get the results for very little effort.

    Other alternatives which I know people have used is to rub some pastel chalks on some emery cloth and then apply the dust from this using a brush.

    Downside of the chalks is it is not as fine as the pigments and can be lumpy plus disaterous effects with it blowing where you don\'t want it when sprayed with varnish.

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    varnishing destroys the pigment dust effects martyn.
    they are best applied after any varnishing, also, lighter fuel is a lot cheaper than the \"fixing agent\" and does the job just as good.

    @Celthulhu, any type of weathering can be used on nmm.
    a good site for tips is armorama q=listarticles&secid=9

    damn good AFV site :)

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    personally I\'ve been using oils and turpentine to weather things. Great result! But just think of NMM as painting anything else. You can use various brown washes to shade and weather it. Same as you would with real metallics.

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    oils are great for water and oil streaks.
    just one little blob and a wipe of the brush and it\'s done :)

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    That\'s a seriously impressive orc. :wow:

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    I have the same problem like you. I just don\'t know how the paint a weathering NMM. My NMM gold n metal always to clean.

    War Griffon mentioned about the pastel chalk... ??? Where to get it? Any online store to recommend?

    I always wanted to paint the NMM gold like Eliash\'s Chaos Lord.

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    I can only assume that you can get the pastel chalks from a hobby/craft shop.

    I know a lot of historic modelrs have used them for weathering etc but as I mentioned they are not as fine as using pigments.

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    I used ground up pastel on bricks in this wall to darken them up to match a reference photo I had, and it worked pretty well. I used them again recently trying to get a dusty look on a mini\'s feet (it\'s not done yet,s o no picture), and I had a lot more trouble with it. It was the same kind of pastel as I\'d used on the wall, but maybe it\'s not the right kind or something? Dry it didn\'t really \'stick\'. Wet it was overkill, though not too hard to tone it down by wetting it again and smoothing it out. Are the MIG pigments easier to work with?

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