angel wip -- need help with these wings
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Thread: angel wip -- need help with these wings

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    Default angel wip -- need help with these wings

    Hello, this is my first wip post and I\'ve got some problems:

    Not only am I having problems with painting the darn wings, but every time I experiment with painting them it just never seems to match the rest of the model.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on good techniques and/or a recipe that might fit well with the rest of the models colors.

    also I\'d love criticisms of my NMM gold in that I\'m trying to refine and improve on it.


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    Default wings

    when i did the wings on the empire bsb in my gallery I used the formula of a drybrush of shadowgrey->into a dry brush of space wolves grey->then a light dry brush of rotting flesh->then an extremely light drybrush of bleached bone on the top edges then onto about three light inkwashes of a mix of blue + green + purple inks...when dry depending on how light or dark you wanted them drybrush with more rotting and bleach and apply a light wash or wash it heavy

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    A general tip would be to do them in whatever way you find easiest/best. Beige, grey or white... but then glaze with the colours of the model in shadows etc. to tie them together.

    The gold nmm is good, but beware of too much edging as you can distrupt the feeling of a lightsource with that technique.

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    i reckon brown wings with some white in them would look nice

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    hmm brown would go with the brown on the armor. wonder if i should wash it in some blues or reds to match the banner.

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    aye, maybe a reddy brown anad shade the white bits with some blue, could tie it in nicely

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