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    Default What army to paint next

    Well, with the night goblins getting to the last unit, I figured it was time again to figure out what army I want to paint next. I really like working two armies at once, one being the primary (in this case it was the Night Goblins) and one being the alternate (the vampire counts)...

    So, onto the choices. I have decided that you (that being all of you forum bloggers) are decidedly evil... the last four armies that you have voted in (night goblins, then chaos, then night goblins again, and finally vampire counts) have all been evil armies. So, this time I am only going to give you good (or at least a strong neutral) choices.

    VOTING will stay open for two weeks (14 JUL).

    1. Ogre Kingdoms
    2. Dwarves
    3. Empire
    4. Bretonnia
    5. Lizardmen
    6. High Elves
    7. Wood Elves

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    I voted High Elves. Of all the armies I have painted, High Elves have always been a blast. I like all those really \"clean\" looking armies.

    I think you should roll a dice though, you\'ll get very mixed opinions here! :D


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    Bretts or Ogres! actually Ogres...i think

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    With the amount of personality and style you put into your armies I\'d love to see what you did with lizardmen, there aren\'t enough of them on this site at all. I bet you could do something really special with them.

    By the way what size army are we talking about? A beautiful 501er? Or something huge? :)

    Doesn\'t anyone else agree?

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    I\'d love to see an empire army with some real character added to it. All the empire armies I see are \'out of the box\' type armies. It\'s a shame with all the wonderful plastic bitz they have these days.
    Empire FTW.

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    Got about 6 days left, lets see some more votes.

    masterbenz: I know... but I really don\'t have a preference at this point, eventually I will paint them all.... :evil:

    Byronic: It will start at 500, but eventually I will get back to it and add some more (like I did with the Night Goblins, they are up to a whopping 750 now)...

    pez: I agree on the empire... with all the plastic kits it seems easier now then before to convert (much easier to cut plastic then pewter)... but I have seen some pretty amazing conversions out there.

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    Well, the vote has been cast and the winner declared: BRETONNIA FOR THE WIN.

    Here is the breakdown:


    Reaper 0/0/0/2/5/1/4
    MiniPainters 0/1/1/1/1/0/0
    WorldofMinis 1/3/1/2/2/1/0
    CMON 5/0/2/7/4/3/4
    WarSeer 9/4/5/13/3/3/4
    LibrariumOnline 3/4/2/6/6/5/2
    TheWarhammerForum 7/1/8/5/5/3/3
    HammerofWar 1/0/1/0/0/0/0
    WarhammerWorld 1/2/0/1/0/1/1
    WarhammerAlliance 5/9/6/8/11/4/5
    WarhammerRealm 2/1/0/6/5/0/1
    TOTAL 34/24/26/51/41/21/26

    I appreciate all of your votes, as it keeps me on track and painting. I really don\'t care what it is that I paint, as long as I continue to paint and to push myself in different areas of the hobby.

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