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    Default hi2u ~ please help me :(

    hi2u ~ I need help to paint beter. It say

    You are ranked 1416 out of 1416 artists. You can add this rank dynamically to your website like this:
    on my thing. I don\'t want to be last plz. I need learn blending and drybrishing and highliting. Can u teach?

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    Okay: first off never use drybrushing for anything other than fur and hair which you can\'t paint ever indivdual strand (on some models you can, though). You can blend two ways: wet or layering. Wet blending is slighty easier, as you just blend one color into another while it is stil wet. This method can give you paint globs, though so I don\'t exclusively recomend it. I use layering more, which is using shades of paint close together so that it looks like it\'s a smooth blend. I like to use a mix of these two, sort of a wet/dry blending..Inge explains better on her site:


    Remember that no matter what you learn you must practice, skill with the brush and how the paint works comes with expirience!
    Hope this helps!

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    Don\'t worry about the rank, you need to have more than 5 minis up with more than 50 votes otherwise you\'ll show up as last. Once you have more than 5 minis up your rank will definitely go up.

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    he qualifies chern! mayby not long enough to be ranked though?? that only takes a day though doesn\'t it?

    the best way for you to learn at your stage is to find someone better and watch and learn. if they tell you how they do something do it!
    concentrate on neatness.

    and mayby finish them all too. basing just needs some gravel, glue and some paint.
    blue tac holding arms on will not score very well.
    do the basics first please.

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    how old are you?

    Many of your minis simply dont look finished, with lots of primer still showing, or even not fully assembled. I think the first thing you need to work on is this. Next, just give appropriate washes to give some depth, and if you\'re ready, try painting over those washes, but still leaving the dark areas dark.

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    You can try getting some depth through using washes. The skin on the mounted figure would help from this. Try mixing paint and water in a 1:8 mixture or so -- one part paint and eight parts water.

    Your space marine squad should really have arms. The guns glued to the sockets looks a bit silly.

    Another problem is that your pictures aren\'t great. There are several articles on photography in the forum section. What works for me is a shady spot on a bright day.
    Finally, something that has nothing to do with miniatures, and this may sound blunt. Proofread! For example, when you write \"Arnold tehmAge\" you probably mean \"Arnold the Mage\". If you don\'t spend the time making a good presentation here, you get lower scores. Photography is part, but titles and description texts also help some.

    Most importantly? Practice! Some of us have been painting for a while -- I have around 15 years of painting experience, but only 2 or so years of serious practice. It takes time!

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    Default Good advice

    Temperance & Chrispy are two of the people that I would love to set down to a painting session with. Listen to them.

    The best thing you can do is..... Paint More. Yes. Practice make perfect. (it does not, bad habits practiced will only reinforce the bad habit.)

    Put the light slightly in front of the mini. Read articles here on photography. Better pictures will help your score. (I don\'t post because my sorry worse than web cam camera is not worthy of posted pics:|~)

    Paint the mini. The guy in horseback still has white primer showing in lots of major places (faces make or break mini scores around here)

    After you are done, look it over again. The orc has several obvious areas where he needs to be touched up to cover painting slips. Don\'t feel bad, probably half of my painting time is spent \"putting things back inside of their lines\".:mad:

    It also looks like you may need a better selection of brushes (one cannot do it all). A finer brush for detail work in the order of \"0\" to \"5/0\" or \"00000\". Look for good hair brushes. They will lay down paint better.

    As was mentioned by someone else, your scores have not been computed until you have a certain number of figs and votes.

    So, don\'t let it get you down. Keep painting and strive to make each fig a bit better than the last. (most of us here are in that catagory.)

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