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Thread: My first mini on this site!

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    Default My first mini on this site!

    Hi everyone!

    Could you please rate my first posted mini on CMON? I cant wait until I get some comments to improve my painting.

    This is the mini I\'m talking about:

    and you can vote here

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    a nice clean start.

    everything is nice and clean.

    to push your score up higher, try adding more intermediate blends to your shading and highlighting

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    Not bad at all for a first one! Blends could be a bit smoother but you\'re not afraid of highlights and shadows Well done!

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    Very nice and clean, looks smooth also. as others have suggested some blending work, or maybe use some inks/glazes to add subtlety to the contrast.

    Just another thought maybe use some more metallics, i have noticed that the sword haft would probably look better if you ventured towards using them, and also on the gauntlets and blade maybe some shading on the metallics (if they are, its harder to tell if metals have benn used on the blade)

    Still great first mini, hopefully one of many

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    Thanks for all your kind words. I know blending isn\'t my strongest point, but I still have 4 more Shadow Warriors so I have a lot more to practive:beer:

    Metallic paints have been used, I find using them hard enough so I don\'t even think of trying NMM!

    I too hope that this is the start of a lot more to come:drunk:. At least i have finally finished a mini I\'m satisfied with after 4 years of practicing!

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    the only differeance between proper metalics and nmm is metal flakes in the paint, don\'t be scared of either technique :)

    it looks like your using the eavy metal edge highlighting as well as the zenithal lighting technique (picking one point for the light source to come from to create the shadows and highlights)
    your best doing one or the other as it will look better, the zenithal lighting will give a softer look whilst the \"old school\" eavy metal style is very crisp/ sharp highlighting (check out astonia\'s, razza\'s and fill dunn\'s gallerys for eavy metal style as they are part of the eavy metal team)

    hopefully this ontop of what the others have said helps, and don\'t be shy when it comes to pming someone about how they have achieved a certain result on a figure, if you don\'t ask you will never now.

    all the best.

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    I can only echo what the others have said here. Nice clean paintjob. If you are a gamer, this a great tabletop piece... you will have an amazing army. If you are looking at copetition level painting then you are going to want to work on the blends a bit more and some finer details. Again, this is only if you are going for show level minis. If not your stuff looks really great and anyone should feel honored to play a game against you!

    Best of luck, can\'t wait to see the other 3!

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    I don\'t know if I\'ll start on a different Shadow Warrior or one of my Phoenix Guard command. I want to try something different so I think I\'ll do SW - PG - SW - PH etc...

    You will see it here!

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    At the risk of saying something totally unoriginal, to get better blends, you may wish to thin your paints more, gradually adding layers and then more of the \"destination\" color to your thinned paints to get that smoother blend.
    Clean stuff and a great start.

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    Is there anything else except the blending that should improve? Thanks for the 2 comments and the high grades! It has been a 7,1 which was totally unexpected in a good way:drunk:

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    Originally posted by Harbringer of Doom
    Is there anything else except the blending that should improve? Thanks for the 2 comments and the high grades! It has been a 7,1 which was totally unexpected in a good way:drunk:
    baby steps dude, start a wip and we shall tell ya as you progress!!

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    Good idea, I\'ve started on a Phoenix Guard Commander so maybe I\'ll start a WIP today:beer:

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