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    Hello Everyone,

    I took a couple of pics with my camera and I wanted to know which picture looks better.

    or this one


    Also comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    That\'s a tough call, isn\'t it.

    I\'d say the second pic looks better, looks like the back of an action figure package.

    However, I think the first pic shows off the paintjob better.

    Nice work BTW

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    to me the 1st one shows the model better but the 2nd one shows the contrast better

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    first one for sure, the second pic has blown out highlights on the fingernails and axe.

    Lovely metallics by the way!

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    I think the first one looks pretty good. Which picture is the closest to how it actually looks? And what did you do differently between the two of them?

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    the first pic is better :)

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    I guess the first one is closer to the actuall paint job. I have a light box that I used to make the first pic and the second one was done with just lights shining directly on the miniature.

    Also changing the background colors made the colors look different in my opinion.

    I am just trying to see if the pictures differ so dramatically.

    I guess I will put up the 1st pic in my gallery, along with other views, and see if it gets rated as high as the 2nd pic. The 2nd is 9+.

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    In reply to your question, yes the lighting is that drasticly different. The second figure looks to have been painted with shades of red where it\'s really just the lighting. personally i liek the first for the paintjob as it can be seen so well and the second just for dramatic apperence.

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    The second picture makes the colours look much funkier and, while making the mini look cool and all that, it\'s not what the mini actually look like (I say this without having seen the mini, but I\'m fairly sure...). The first picture looks much more natural in it\'s colours and from experience with miniature photography I\'d say it\'s a pretty accurate representation of the real thing (at least a lot more so than pic 2).

    So, my vote goes to pic 1. Nifty paintjob, BTW. I really like the skin and the metallics. I\'d work a bit more with the contrast on the leather parts, particularly on his right arm.

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