Volcano Erupts without warning
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Thread: Volcano Erupts without warning

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    Default Volcano Erupts without warning

    Hey! This caught my eye. Thought it might interest you all.

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    I\'m enjoying reading the comments on that article. lol

    On a serious note I was a little worried, as my family is on vacation in Hawaii at the moment. Once I clicked the link I was a little relieved. :)


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    Well at least it sounds like noone was hurt and it was somewhere fairly remote.

    @Masterbenz - although the Hawaain islands are very volcanically active, they are unlikely to erupt explosively, but that still doesn\'t mean they\'re any safer :P

    Least it wasn\'t Yellowstone...
    But then I guess we\'d ALL know :/

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    Gotta agree with Matt on this, the comments are downright funny as hell. lol

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    luckily, here in fairbanks, we don\'t have any volcanoes nearby...
    down south, there are loads of little volcano islands...there is one outside of a little town called homer that smokes a lot...ya look out at the mouth of the bay, and see this little island puffin\' away, just knowin\' that it\'s gonna go one day...i was always curious to see what would happen if it should blow...i hear that the bay will drain before the tidalwave hits...that would be a site to see!!! i would grab my board, and go for one last ultimate surf...


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    A tsunami is not a tidal wave! :cussing: lol

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