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    I just happened to Google Diablo 3 tonight, as it had been awhile since I had heard anything about the possibility, and found the link below. Maybe it has been so long since the last one that there aren\'t as many people into the game these days, but I can\'t believe I haven\'t seen a single post on the forums I visit about this (apparently it was announced a couple of weeks ago):

    Diablo 3

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    I saw the page a day or two after it was released, from a link in my WoW guild\'s forum. It looks great. :D

    D2 was (and still is) my favorite computer game. I still play it now and again for fun. Seeing the gameplay video for D3 got me all tingly inside. I can hardly wait to play my Witchdoctor!


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    D2 ate up a whole lot of my spare time. Of course, that was before I got back into minis.

    EDIT: At first I thought I\'m not going to get this, until I watched the videos...That witch doctor does look cool.

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    They speak of a paladin named Lainour, he who conquered the underworld thrice over! He who joined a Diablo 3 fan-forum 3 years before the game was announced to be a reality !!


    ..but seriously, I did. I just left it after a few months. ;) I\'ll be getting D3 too, hopefully I wont get as obsessed as before lol

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    Hubby and I watched a long preview video the other day, looked fun to me. But a bunch of fans are up in arms and started a petition because they feel the graphics on the new version are too bright and cartoony and they want to demand a return to the more dark and brooding atmosphere they feel characterized the previous two installments.

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    It seemed farely dark to me. Do they really want to put the release date back another year whilst they \"darken\" it?

    EDIT: Anyway, the desert and arreat summit were quite light. Also, it got pretty bright when there were a lot of fire walls about. :D

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    Originally posted by Roger Bunting
    Do they really want to put the release date back another year whilst they \"darken\" it?
    Actually, I\'d be down with this idea if it made the game have the right feel. That gritty, half-light is what made me interested in the first two.

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    Light, dark, I\'m all for the guy carrying the big sword. Looks like once D3 comes out, I\'ll be losing a big chunk of my life again.

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    Turn down the brightness on your computer monitor. Then everyone wins! lol


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    I spent waaaay too many hours playing Diablo and D2. And I\'m probably going to spend waaaay too many hours playing D3.

    As long as the story is good and the game play overall is smooth, I don\'t care about the lighting. Just gonna build me some godly barbarians and Whirlwind or Frenzy (if it still exists) my way through.

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    Well, there goes another year of my life...

    I haven\'t even painted all of my D2 minis!

    For fellow addicts, here is a question:

    What was your favorite D2 character build?

    My Top 3:

    Cold Maiden Assassin

    Sparkler Sorceress (Charged Boltress)

    Werewolf (great build for speed junkies)

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    I had a crossbow Amazon. I had a Buriza (I think that\'s what it was) which had piercing shots, and that combined with Guided Arrow was insane. Basically the arrow would pierce through the monster, but since it\'s \"heat seeking\" it would go right back, pierce through again, etc. Then thy made a patch where that wouldn\'t work anymore. :(

    I also had a frost sorceress. Loaded her up with +MagicFind gear and killed Mephisto over and over again.

    I also had a barbarian in the works before I quit.

    I love that game.

    Last week a friend and I started playing again, just to see how far we could get in one night. Got all the way to act 3, level 19. Hopefully I\'ll play again soon. :D My character was an Amazon, he made a Druid. (He went werebear I think. It was crazy).


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    never played D, although D3 looks pretty interesting, Ive invested in wow quite alot though.

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    My favorite build was the WW Barb until they nerfed it. Then I built a really good Frenzy Barb and used him for a long time.

    I did build a Hammerdin (yeah, ultimate cheese, but it was powerful), a Smiter and a few others (Ice Sorc, Javazon, etc), but I stuck mostly with Barbs.

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    Javazon and Tri-Elementalist for me.

    If I buy Diablo 3, i probably won\'t be going outside the house apart from work so i won\'t be able to spend money on anything else but i will keep making it.

    Diablo 3. The answer to financial difficulty.

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    Originally posted by Yramrag
    Diablo 3. The answer to financial difficulty.
    I like your thinking! :D


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    Hmm, well I had about 25 or so characters at various levels. My highest was a lvl 92 meteorb sorceress, but I also had the blizzard sorc for Mephisto runs.

    I had a ww barb, but was still looking for the IK armour. I did find it but some necro grabbed it before I could.

    I enjoyed playing my trap-sin. It was good fun watching Diablo die quickly from my charged bolt traps.

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    ok i have never played this but it looks fun. is it a single player or an online thing?

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    ok i have never played this but it looks fun. is it a single player or an online thing?
    You can play single or multi-player.

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    I just thought I\'d add a couple of clips for Dawn of War II, another game that\'s being eagerly anticipated.



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