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    Default Elysian IG conversion WIP

    Hi, this is my first post here, :)

    I thought I might put my latest project up for comment/critisism. A while ago I made this test model for a converted guard army : http://www.coolminiornot.com/179139

    I am trying to make the rest of the squad look a little more like the half finished illustration I made as part of the army fluff.

    I must admit to not having the greatest sculpting ability, but here is the headscarf I have made to fit onto plastic Cadian torsos so far. It still has some smoothing left to finish.

    Any comments would be appreciated, I am going to try and make a mould of the shemagh once it is finished, hopefully later this week.

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    I think it looks top notch so far. Very good. :beer:

    Any plans on how you\'ll be posing this specific individual? And what role will he play in your army?

    Keep up the great work, it\'ll be nice to see him all done, let alone a whole army of them1

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    Hell of a lot better GS work then i can pull off. Really interested in seeing what the final sculpt looks like.

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    Those are bloody nice! A whole army of them is going to look awesome.

    Any plans on how you\'re going to do the officers yet?

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    well this does look interesting; and I love the artwork as well. I love guard conversions and this looks inspired.

    nothing specific to add at this stage, but looking forward to yours:

    you may be interested in my guard conversion

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    looking good cant wait to see em finished :)

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    I love the character the scarf adds to this miniature. Gives it a very personal feel, and that artwork is really nice

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    @Orb - I was thinking about that conversion - I was gonna link it but I couldn\'t remember it :P

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    Thanks for the feedback guys - Orb, I remember seeing a tutorial about your guardsman, it was actually the inspiration for the shemagh.

    I have made a mould of the Shemagh piece, so I don\'t have to make one for every guardsman.

    It was actually a lot easier than I thought to mould the green, even though I had to spend a bit of mony on some Alumlite stuff which is expensive in the UK. Though now I promise never to complain about air bubbles in forgeworld kits after casting resin myself!

    Might be a while before I can update this as I have some artwork to do for a competition on conceptart.org.

    Now - back to the cricket...

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    Wow, less fluff, and more of that fine sculpting, got to see these finished, good luck

    I\'m an I.G. lover too :D

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    great, one thing i can say about him is that his eyes seem a little close together. still brilliant stuff

    what comp on conceptart? i pop by every now and then

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    OK, got one of them finished off ready to paint - can still see a few sneaky mould lines I have to clean off though! (sorry about the photo, but its dark right now and I could only use a single light source!)

    Now on to the rest of the squad, then possibly Major Sharte herself!

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    I finished another trooper - this time a girl guardsman - I found some spare Escher gangers in a bitz box and beheaded them. Most even have braids, which is brilliant as it fits some of the fluff I have written about the Llyrians.

    I\'ve given up of the CA.org competition - everyone else there is too friggin\' good. :(

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    Ha - it really is funny when you see an IG with a chainsword - they are ridiculously out of proportion :/

    Would you want to be holding a running, NORMAL-size chainsaw in one hand?

    GW should release an IG rescaled version, as those ones only really fit Space marines...

    Hmm :idea:
    Another meandering Idea?


    Oh yeah, they\'re lookin\' great :D

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    Sorry about the picture quality but I can\'t seem to get any lighting right at the moment! I either get a super dark mini on a white background or a bleached out mini on a dark background!

    Anyway, started to put some paint on my Llyrians, based on the scheme from my test model and my concept pic.

    As always any comments greatly apreciated!

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    Looks great maybe add some camo marking on the grey cloth ?

    I dont suppose you\'d consider selling batches of the Shemagh ?

    What are the Elysian forgeworld models like btw, are they bodies + arms, or arms molded on ?

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    The Elysian kits themselves are quite fiddly, as they are lots of very small pieces. Arms, legs and torsos are all seperate.

    I\'ve combined them with a Cadian plastic torso and a Bretonnian knight\'s head with all the hair removed. The only problem is that forgeworld kits are better scaled than the normal almost cartoonish proportioned 40k guard, hands and torsos particularly are slightly smaller certainly that the Cadian plastics.

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