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    Default Dog Napping?

    I don\'t know what else to call this.

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    This is exactly how the roaming gnome for Travelocity started. Someone took it and sent it around the world and it ended up back at the owners house with a photo album.

    I work for a hotel chain. I\'ve painted a mini about how I feel about travelocity. See here:

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    I love it. Hope the owner had a good sense of humor.

    Some of my friends did something similar, but with a mutual friend, not a stranger.

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    Sounds like someone had been watching Amelie. She does the same to her fathers garden gnome


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    This sort of thing has been going on for ages..I remember hearing stories about this sort of thing 20 + years ago or more. Garden Gnomes seem to be the object of choice. In college a friend stole a girls small teddy bear and took it to Australia for a semester.. he eventually returned a little ragged, burnt on one spot and missing an ear but he had a photo book of his adventures..many of which were very very naughty :o

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    Yep, I remember David Letterman showing pics and recanting a similar story, way back when he was still on NBC, about 20 years ago.

    It is kind of a cool phenomena.

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    Originally posted by supervike
    It is kind of a cool phenomena.
    If not a little bizarre ???

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