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    Shhh, don\'t tell my Mam - she\'s convinced I\'m a high-flying businessman!

    And apologies for jacking the thread. To bring things back on an even keel: amazing work, probably the best I\'ve seen in ages. Especially the axe head and the haft. Ahem. :flip:

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    Originally posted by reverend
    Originally posted by Avelorn
    @Reverend: I agree it\'s difficult but not entirely inconcievable in spiritum.
    How many times!? \'I\' before \'E\' except after \'C\'! Dear God alive...:no:
    They don\'t know thier grammar these Swedes, do they??


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    That\'s not grammar. Just a daft spelling convention! :innocent:

    Perhaps, we should let this thread continue to be about Sebastian\'s mini, shall we? :]

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    hehe yes, well thanks for the kind comments, those of you who managed to stay on topic anyway! :D

    atacam - yeah one day I guess I\'ll have to do a video, one way or another...they are very popular right now, that\'s for sure! It would be lots of fun too. I just need a friend who\'s handy with a camera hehe, because I have no idea about any of the technical stuff, or video editing etc.. I\'m very low-tech - I only know how to handle my old paint brush! :duh:

    Hygmer - yes it\'s interesting to hear your reaction to the pants. On an artistic level I guess it\'s great to hear that you had a strong reaction to them, even if it was a negative one haha....because as I said earlier, I was trying to do something a little more drastic and risky with the colours, which inevitably means that some people will dislike some or all of it. But it\'s more interesting to do this, rather than go with another \'safe\' colour scheme...which might also be less memorable in the end. You know what I mean? It\'s something I\'m trying to train myself to do, because my natural instinct is to use more natural, muted colours...

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    I think you should do a little bit of both, Sebastian. I think your bolder stuff, that you\'ve done more recently, works really well and it certainly achieves that fantasy art type of atmosphere you are going for. I\'m interested to see that style of yours developed further. But, I am also a big fan of your older style (and I know a couple more who are... ;)) and I think it\'s a shame to abandon that.

    So, the only sensible conclusion is that you have to do twice the amount of painting! :duh: Oh, and since you seem to have a knack for sculpting as well you should do twice the amount of that too... at least! :D

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    I\'ll agree with Anders there .. what I do love most about your painting is you take a technique and push it to extremes as such and just try and develop it a little further than it is currently which is where you kind of sit that little above many painters as you seem to just constantly challenge yourself and the art. .. And while I do love these recent works and the wonderfully chosen fantasy colours I do like the muted style of some of your older stuff still and would like to see more .. And the sculpting so that\'s it I\'m afraid triple the workload in the future please and no less...:beer:

    And whenever you get around to gettig some of those sculpts cast up you know you have a horde of frothing loonies ready to break your door down for some.

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    Originally posted by demonherald
    And whenever you get around to gettig some of those sculpts cast up you know you have a horde of frothing loonies ready to break your door down for some.
    He already has! :D He brought along a load of cast stuff to World Expo... Got two of them!

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    hehe thanks very much for the support guys! Yes it looks like I need to triple my workload, for sure haha,...but that\'s ok - nothing could please me more! :D

    Demonherald, as anders said - my sculpts have been cast and are all ready to sell, I have bucketloads of casts on my desk as we speak hehe...the only problem right now is that I\'m mucking around trying to get an online store set up for my site (difficult for someone like me who has no idea about how to do the technical things hehe). But if anyone wants any of the casts now, they are more than welcome to PM me, email me, or whatever, we can work out the details and I\'ll mail them out to you immediately :)

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    Let me know when I can purchase some of your minis! You know I have been interested in doing so for a couple months! :drunk:

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