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    This was my 40k Single entry, which got an honorable mention.

    He is one of the central characters of my Demonhunters army, as the text of the submission states.

    A favorite of mine, and a complete pain in the you know what for my frequent opponent.:D

    Many bounties have been declared on him, but as you can see, he has gotten the better of his enemies!:cool:

    Here\'s the link:

    and some close-ups:




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    Most unique use of the Termi Chappy EVER.

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    sweet, love the use of the cyber skelly for the banner

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    Lovely \'warm\' NMM. I always love your bases too.

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    As always your painting skill is amazing, and your flair for details stunning - my personal favorire is the OSL on the helmet/skull. The base looks really impressive and I\'m sure we\'ll soon start seeing trying to copy what you do. Though the mini it self is extremely well painted I think it\'s a little busy - so many different bright colors to looks at that I almost start getting dizzy.

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    Fine, fine work. I\'m getting to the point where I can pick your work out in the case. :D Congratulations on the hm... there were some amazing minis in 40k single this year!

    It was also very nice to meet you and Cathy in Chicago. Keep on painting the way you like to paint! It\'s great stuff!

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