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    Default High Elf army, need help

    Here is my high elf 2000 points army list:
    Mage lv.2: Silver Wand
    Mage lv.2: Jewel of the dusk

    15x spearmen: full command
    15x archers : Hawkeye

    6x Silver Helm: full command
    15x Phoenix guard
    15x White Lions
    14x swordmasters
    Lion Chariot

    2x Bolt Thrower

    Would love to know your comments and advice on it and help me adjust it.

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    I think over all it\'s a pretty balanced list, which would be the smart way to go. Try playing a couple of games with it and then adjust from there. But overall its a good list in my opinion.

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    I dont like silver helms myself, Dragon Princes are much better for the few extra points (maybe take out the lion C and put a nice unit of DP\'s in with a banner).

    Trickster pendant is a very very good item for 2k games.

    You dont mention scrolls but i assume you\'ve at least 2 ?

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    @ Khaine: I myself prefer dragon princes but I really love my LION CHARIOT so.... About the scrolls, I don\'t have any so depending on what army I\'m battling against I might take out three archers and swap caradryan for KORHIL and add two scrolls.
    @Diablofollower: I\'ve played a few games and I\'ve faired better than usual (even though I lost all of them).

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    That 2000 point army is nearly identical to mine haha.

    I agree that the dragon princes are a lot better than silver helms if you can squeeze the points. Could possibly come from switching caradryan for korhil.

    Also the dispell scrolls could be super useful in certain positions.

    Overall seems similar to mine

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    Thanks for your advice but does anyone have any idea of what to take out to add the princes, anything but my lion chariot and korhil.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Take out a bolt thrower.

    I would not take out any of the PG, WL or SM. You won\'t take out the LC or Korhil. Don\'t reduce your magic power and you really can\'t take out any of the spearmen or archers. So other than a BT, not much to play with. Then with any additional points, buy the DP a nice banner.

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    Or you could reduce your SM to a unit of 10. 2 ranks of 5.

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    Drop the command off the archers, you should really have them getting into combat, if they do nothing\'s going to save them.

    Most people forget the hawkeye has a better BS and its quicker to roll the whole unit anyway.

    Reduced them to an even number as well, since you\'ll probably be ranking them up 2 deep on a hill.

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    @ Khaine: So should I keep my hawkeye or not. If not I\'m going to take ten archers

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    No. Take out the hawkeye.

    I always forget to use mine.

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    Originally posted by Yramrag
    No. Take out the hawkeye.

    I always forget to use mine.
    Correct, not worth the points, an extra archer is better value.

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    I agree, a lot of people forget to use it. I also agree that the command is kind of pointless, if they get into combat they are pretty much dead.

    I had one of my friends who plays high elves look over the list, he said he would go with the princes and get rid of a bolt thrower or just get rid of the charriot but i saw you wanted to keep that

    overall it looks balanced to me, good luck with it

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    agreed. its very balanced but silver helms are junk,definately try to swap them for dragon princes,though korhil is good,carads is like a suicide bomber.use hom as a sacrifice to kill a daemon prince in cqc,or just shoot him.

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    I\'d say drop a mage and the command on the Archers, replace the SH with DP, and try for some Reaver Knights. With these tiny units, you\'re going to need flank charges to win battles.

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    Well I registered just to answer this post :D. I play High elves for about 9 years now, so hopefully ill be able to help a bit.

    First of all I would reconsider your hero choices, especially picking a lord (either archmage if you are going for a magic heavy army, or a prince for ld 10) If you are going for a prince it\'s probably best to field him on a stardragon (which is the hardest hitting thing you may field). I personally use prince on a dragon with lance, armour of caledor, vambraces of defence and amulet of light (against all those pesky wraiths, and demons). So i\'d swap korhil or caldyryan for a custom made lord.

    As for core units - high elves with super awesome Speed of Asuryan are really tough in combat, but are really fragile to enemy shooting. But that can be quite easily solved by fielding archers (we use them to shoot enemy archers, as our units are more than capable of destroying the rest of enemy army) I personally field 2 ten man units of archers (with musicians if points suffice)

    When it goes to special units the real deal begins. I\'d definatelly drop silverhelms (I actually never saw any of them since 7\'th ed came) and field some dragonprincess instead.

    As for elite infantry it really depends what you are facing. First of all it\'s really pointless to field units of around 15 swordmasters or white lions. Those units are really expensive pointwise and have really marginally bigger hitting power than single line of 7 models. If you field more you just get 1 point to combat resolution for doubling cost of the unit. (we use 7 models to maximize punishment our unit deals to charging enemy with our glorious speed of asuryan). Considering Phoenix guard - they are extremelly tough, but they are not really hardhitting, so you have to base on static combat result to win your fights (static cr is the one you get from ranks banners and stuff) thats why if I\'d field them than i\'d use no less than 20 with full command group and warbanner. Going back to white lions (my fav infantry unit), they are extremelly multipurpose unit. First of all they are really hardhitting, next they are quite tough against shooting, and the most amazing thing stubborn. We can use a small unit of them to stop a charge for a turn and hold the enemy in place for our counter charge. Yet to maximize their potential (if you are playing against fear causing enemy) id give them either lion standard or standard of ballance so they don\'t get fear outnumbered.

    To conclude use of elite infantry - i generally recommend to field 2 7-8 models strong units of whitelions with musicians and standard bearers (with former said banners) as this units are really allround and quite cheap pointwise. If you are facing enemy without formidable shooting power then 2 units of 7 swordmasters with musicians are perfest as they can stop and butcher nearly everything. As for phoenix guard, i\'d say they are really situational (I once played a list with 20 of them with warbanner and battlestandard bearer inside, but it was more a fun list)

    If you want to field a lion chariot its great but in my opinion little overpriced (I use it because I love the model) Yet if you want to use it really effectivelly then you need some really mobile units like reavers or eagles (or stubborn whitelions) to setup a good charge.

    As for rare choices - I use them same as core - to support my elite infantry and dragonprincess, getting rid of enemy shooting, and small pesky units. I\'d say that 2-3 boltthrowers are optimal, and at least 1 great eagle, to block enemy marching and charges, as well as to hunt warmachines and lone wizards.

    I hope that my work is readable, and that it will help you a bit. I wrote that from rather a tournament point of viev, but the same principles apply to friendly games.

    Also remember that not all things in a list always work as you intended them to, using a list to its fullest is a skill in itself. So go and play, learn from your mistakes and from others succeses.

    Hapy gaming,

    PS. sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I just don\'t have time to re-read that and check everything.

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    hm...i am a loyal high elves player.. in my army list i never put any archer before as they can deal only 10 dices and they are only strength 3 which is really hard to score a wound against a T4. i like spearman a lot instead because they are now all bless by the speed of asuryan, which by far the best abilities of all.. your spearman is now a super power combat troops which can hold out a lot of unit except for special and maybe Chaos Warrior the only exception. instead i would put 4 bolt thrower because they can generate a good 24 dices at -2 armour modifier instantly wiped out a regiment of calvary. maximise ur spearman attack by putting maybe 20 or 24 6 in a rank can generate a good 18 dice sure can kill of a lots of core enemy troops

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    Here are my thoughts,

    Go with a lord choice instead of a hero, you can choose to go with an arch mage or a prince. That choice depends on whether you like to fight or to use magic.

    I would bump up the spears to a unit of 20 if you are going to take them. This will help with getting outnumber and maintain your rank bonus should you fall to some heavy shooting.

    I would get rid of the archers and maybe put in a unit of 10 lothern sea guard. Use them to protect your RBT's.

    You have White Lions, Phoenix Guard and Sword Masters. If I was you I would pick at most 2 of those units.

    If you go with phoenix guard I would run them in a unit of 20 and use them as an archmage bunker or something along those lines.

    IF you go with white lions, I personally like to run them in a unit of 18 (3X6) to give the extra attack on the front lines.

    If you go with sword masters I would run them in a unit of 7. 7 Maximized the damage throughput, and they are an active combat resolution unit, meaning that they get their combat resolution from doing direct damage in a battle.

    definately try and switch out the silver helms for the dragon princes. At 2 attacks and an awesome weapon skill you will find they kill a lot of things. As long as they don't fall to the rubber lance syndrome(charge in and don't do any wounds). They have to do their killing on the charge, otherwise their strength is not great and you will have great trouble killing things. Its all about the lance with them and getting the charge.

    Good luck.

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