Never ever, ever, EVER, talk to the cops...
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Thread: Never ever, ever, EVER, talk to the cops...

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    Default Never ever, ever, EVER, talk to the cops...

    ...about a crime, even if you\'re innocent.

    Worth watching through if you live in the US.

    I used to hold a different view but boy, have I changed my mind!


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    Hmmm... gonna have to watch those vids when i get home later today.

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    I don\'t think I\'ve ever seen such an entertaining professor before! lol

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    I haven\'t watched them yet but I would have given the same advice.

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    I\'d like to watch it but can someone summerise what it says first?

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    I watched it. Lots of good information and well worth watching.

    Shawn and others:

    Basically it says that you should never talk to the police without first speaking with your attorney. Take advantage of your 5th amendment right.

    Even if you are innocent and entirely truthful there are ways that they can use what you say against you. Or even if you are guilty of something, they can find one tiny thing that you may accidentally lie about during the interviews, and then use that to increase your sentence time because you lied to law enforcement.

    The law professor explains all of this very well, and in the second video a detective speaks to the group, saying that everything the professor said is entirely true, and expands on the same stuff from the law\'s point of view.


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    The main point he is making is that it never ever helps you to talk to the police about a crime. You can only make matters worse.

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    Also if you live in the US make sure that you have a copy of the theme song to the show \"Cops\" and play it if you ever get pulled over. That and some Krispy Kreme donuts.

    Apparently if you can make a cop laugh or put them into a fun mood then you can potentially get yourself out of a ticket.

    I will definately watch the show because I want to know why I should never talk to cops.

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    Originally posted by Aliengod3
    Apparently if you can make a cop laugh or put them into a fun mood then you can potentially get yourself out of a ticket.
    Funny, I always made sure I gave people like this the ticket. I don\'t like being manipulated, and stuff like that is pretty transparent.

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    interesting. the first dude really talks fast!!

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    i just had a run in with the cops happens a lot here at the ghetto apartment building that i manage...

    i had to get rid of a drunk woman that was tryin\' to stomp her boyfriend\'s broken leg...i got rid of her(once they are on the street, they aren\'t my problem), but she hung around yellin\' drunken shit \'til the cops showed up...

    she had a bump over her eye from where her old man punched her, but when the cops asked what i saw, all i could say was that she was tryin\' to kick her old man\'s cast...needless to say, she went to jail, and the dude went to the hospital...

    now the funny part of the story is that the dude wanted his phone, but his old lady had stuffed it in her dude is yellin\' at the cops to get his phone, and the cop is sayin\' that he can\'t get it, \'cause it\'s in her, bein\' the smart ass that i am, i\'m givin\' the cop shit...\"aw, come on\", i say,\"ya might enjoy it\"...

    of course the woman was about as sexy as a troll from under the bridge...a drunk troll!!! the cop wasn\'t even goin\' near that beartrap of a bra lol...

    dude has to go to the jailhouse to get his phone, and the cops actually thanked me for the work i\'ve done tryin\' to clean up the riff-raff from the building...

    now i\'m just prayin\' that i don\'t get another grand jury subpeona...i\'ve already had a couple in the last year...i\'m used to bein\' the one in trouble, not the dude asked to testify against someone...

    point is, i usually don\'t talk to the cops, except to give \'em my name and birth date, so they can run me for warrants...
    now i\'ve had to deal with \'em once a month at\'s hard not to give \'em shit, even when i\'m just a witness...

    the funniest one was when we had an incident with a pistol shot at 4 am, and when the cops showed up i just told \'em i was the manager, showed \'em the shell casin\' on the ground, and walked off...a couple weeks later i got a call from a P.I. lookin\' for the \"white guy with dreadlocks\"...that\'s what they actually wrote on the police report...i almost peed myself laughin\'...


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    This was given just down the road from me.

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