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    The major gripe for necron players for some time has been a lack of diversity. Many have seen how mundane they can look. While I have done a fair bit of research myself, i.e. scouring cmon postings, blogs, etc., I still have trouble coming up with ways to diversify. I do have lord conversion ideas, primarily from Dawn of War, but I need more ideas for warriors. Battle damage I pretty much have covered. Perhaps I\'m asking too much, but there seems to be so much talent and imagination on these boards that I thought I might tap in for some inspiration. Ideas, pics, links, tutorials, anthing would be great.

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    I don\'t know why converting Necrons would be any different than any other army? While they do have relatively few choices as far as army types go, they have the bonus that they\'re robots shaped like skeletons...I.E. very easy to cut up and reposition.

    I could see some \'crons kneeling and taking aim, swinging their guns around like a club yelling like madmen, holding one gun pointing to the sky in one hand and pointing foward with the other directing the troops in the \"would be cliche if it was an SM\" pose, running, humorously spiking their head to the ground and doing a victory dance, picking up their arm/leg/head that just got shot off, looking at their gun in dismay as the green crystal thingy has exploded...

    No reason robots can\'t have some attitude, IMO.

    Do Necrons ever reload their weapons? Wipe the blood off their blades? Fall apart and put themselves back together like the guys in the Lego movies? I think more Necrons should have battle damage, I know they phase out and disappear to some unknown home world to repair when they take damage, but I still get the feeling a robot will keep comming no matter what, I\'d love to see more of these robots missing half their skull, big holes through their chests, both legs shot off and crawling through the dirt with their one good arm...etc.

    Anyway, that\'s about all I got for general ideas at the moment.


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    I\'m doing a Necron Lord conversion right now because they are a cool beginning but definitely need some \'upgrading\'. I\'ll try to post a pic soon

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    For the time being, I\'m looking to avoid \"comical\" poses. Battle damage is a must and while the idea of a head spike victory dance tickles me to no end, I want to focus on the more serious side of the army first.

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