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    Eh Im happy with a plain old Coke..Id rather have a nice beer..right now its a Killians Irish red :beer:

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    Mate, don\'t rub it in! It\'s in the middle of the day right now. I could do with a nice 18 year old single malt.

    Even though it\'d be for purely medicinal purposes, drinking on Wed arvos is frowned upon still.

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    Root beer. Not that fussy as to brand (except for some healthfood-store crap I tried the other week!)


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    The Blue Sky cola used to be really good, but I had a can a few years back and I think the quality went down quite a bit.

    I think my favorite was strawberry Fanta, but only from the bottle. Not exactly gourmet. But, can\'t seem to find those the last decade or two anymore.

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    Hmmn, not a subject I\'ve given a great deal of thought to.
    My preferences are to either Diet Sprite or 7-Up for larger commercial brands.
    Failing that good old fashioned Ginger Beer, (Fentemans in the north of England), or Boots \"Shapers\" Variety.

    Usually, in the rare occasion we are out for a meal I have Lime & Soda as unlike the USA or Canada, British resteraunts don\'t normally supply water alongside the meal without charging the proverbial arm & leg.

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    State side or Canada I always try to stock up on Mountain Dew that stuff is to die for but over here in the UK I tend to just stick to juices such as blackcurrent or simular.

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    Originally posted by Undave
    I tried some rootbeer once. It tasted exactly like the mouthwash my old dentist used.... bleurgh! :|~ lol
    That wouldn\'t be Boylan\'s Birch Beer would it? Way too much wintergreen for my taste.

    On an unrelated note, the fact that you can relate anything to how your dentist\'s mouthwash tastes is disturbing. I guess it depends on what your dentist looks like...

    On topic, Virgils Root Beer is pretty tasty (lots of anise and real saffrol) and Stewart\'s Ginger Beer for the spicy stuff.

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    I\'ve seen ginger beer mentioned a couple of it alcoholic?

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    Not usually, no. Neither is ginger ale.

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    Only just thought of it but something that you can\'t get any more that I used to love, Shasta grape soda. Don\'t know what I\'d think of it now with grownup taste buds but loved it as a teenager.

    Originally posted by evil tendencies
    I\'ve seen ginger beer mentioned a couple of it alcoholic?
    Can be, most aren\'t. Some that are alcoholic are only slightly; one, two percent or something like that.


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    My favourite soda would have to be root beer or welch\'s grape drink,
    And if anyones interested Sainsbury\'s here in the Uk sell 2 litre bottles of rootbeer however it doesn\'t quite compare to the american equivelent :)

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    actually tbh i can drink anything only stuff that makes me retch is root and ginger beer

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    When I was a kid, Mr. Pibb was my favorite.

    As an adult, Diet Dr. Pepper was my favorite, but I have essentially stopped drinking soda now.

    I find most Root beer tasty - anyone remember Frostie Root Beer? I also had a sarsparilla soda once, but I can\'t remember the brand. It was similar to root beer, but a bit stronger flavor.

    Anyone remember Hubba Bubba soda? My recollection from childhood was that it was foul... I think it was fairly short-lived, too.

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    Frostie root beer is still around. I remember picking up a bottle or two at the soda shop. Good stuff.

    Treide, since you\'re in The Oven too, you could head over to Pop\'s and pick up some, they carry it. Pop\'s soda shop is on McDowell rd just west of the loop 101 I think.


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    Fentiman\'s ginger beer is fantastic. Old Jamaica is good stuff too.

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    diet stuff is a con - they just add aspartmane instead which hinders the body burning the calories. that said i do prefer diet coke to normal.
    anyone remember top deck? used to love that as a kid

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    Originally posted by War Griffon
    State side or Canada I always try to stock up on Mountain Dew that stuff is to die for but over here in the UK I tend to just stick to juices such as blackcurrent or simular.
    One thing most people don\'t realize is that the Mountain Dew is different in Canada and the US.

    In the States it\'s one of the high caffine beverages, thus all the ads with the extreme sports, stunts etc.

    In Canada it\'s classified as a Juice and thus has to be Caffine Free. So the taste is a bit different and you don\'t get that boost. For about 2 years the law laxed up and they released Mountain Dew Energy over here, but that didn\'t last long.

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