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    AFAIK you can\'t, and Conrad got his off Seb in person IIRC, might be wrong though...


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    i think the piece needs a lot more variation in it, right now everything is green...the highlights are rather lifeless, and the lighting too even

    more variation in colours in your highlights, shadows...more levels of highlight/shadow, as in some shadows darker/brighter, some highlights darker/brighter

    more life in the colour of the highlights and more harmony of colour overall..the highlights are rather bland and this is why the piece feels rather \"meh\"...the teal colour and the green in my opinion should be much closer together, allowing the white-ish colour to stand out further, this would help draw focus to the face without really exaggerating lighting too much

    the highlights need to be enrichened with colour, im not sure on the view for the scene you have(atmosphere) so i wont suggest any colours

    a suggestion to harmonize with the base would be to reflect the floor colour onto the lower legs and such, as well as perhaps the banister colour onto his lower back(if he is positioned close)

    the basing ideas are very cool so far for the jester and eowyn :)

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    you can get them here

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    I\'ll definitely be tweaking some of the figure as it progresses. Sharpening some highlights, softening others, and I agree that some variation in overall lightness between some parts does need to be pushed. But the idea is to keep to a green palette, so actually the couplus of the figure will be reflected in the base, not visa versa.

    Other than some work on the collar I\'ve not had much chance to progress the painting but I did finish the basic base layout. Got my block of wood painted black and the stairs fixed on, also marked the wood panels in.

    And as the second pic shows I\'ve used pins for doing the bars that fix the carpet in place. I used a little milliput to bulk out the ends a little, some bronze with greenish verdigris will go well for those I think. Could probably do with another excuse for a little extra green.

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    Originally posted by PrawnPower
    I\'ll definitely be tweaking some of the figure as it progresses. Sharpening some highlights, softening others, and I agree that some variation in overall lightness between some parts does need to be pushed. But the idea is to keep to a green palette, so actually the couplus of the figure will be reflected in the base, not visa versa.
    as for the base, im curious as to why you would reflect the green from the fig into the base, is it going to be a glass floor?

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    Reflect is probably the wrong word. I decided to try this as a test in using a single colour (In this case green) across the entire figure. So I will continue the use of greens onto the base. (Green tinged wood)

    This is part of why I need to tweak some of the shading and highlighting later, to ensure a more monochrome look to the piece.

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    Originally posted by squig hunter
    AFAIK you can\'t, and Conrad got his off Seb in person IIRC, might be wrong though...

    Or direct from Sebastian here if you don\'t want to use the CMON shop .

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    I\'ve done the second Eowyn figure, and a step by step article on base building since I finished the jester, so hopefully I\'ll have some pics of the those some point soon. So while we wait it\'s time for something different, an Alpine figures histiorical !!

    Here\'s a picture of the base, I actually did this about the same time I started the cliff base for my step by step article at the start of last December, a small piece of street, broken pavement and a little rubble. Hopefully it will turn out to be a winter scene with some snow, so the hole in the pavement should get some water effects and an icy look.

    As for the German officer, I actually borrowed a book on uniforms off Adrain Bay (Thanks Adrian, hope your felling better) at the end of last year and scanned a couple of images. So although I\'m going to take my general fantasy approach to highlighting shading and colour, the general tones should approximate to something fairly accurate. I believe my intention for him to be part of the infantry means the stripe on the hat should be white for instance.

    However, I didn\'t go and buy a set of extra paints just to get a 1942 German Uniform Gray Green (assuming there is one somewhere), so \'ll be mucking about with all sorts of bits and pieces.

    At this point I\'ve almost finished the trousers/jacket. The belt has had some shading as I tweaked it with colours form shading other parts of the figure. The hat has had some shading and highlighting, while the coat has just had some rough shading applied. I intended to do the face after just some basic shading on the trousers, jacket and coat but got carried away :)

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    Cool, I think the fabrics look very nice :)

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    Some pictures of the initial work on the face

    Had some issues with the left eye and right cheek
    Also need to tweak the cap badge to get the red central
    But it is mostly done

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    Time for another update

    Made some progress on the base, the paving is painted, and the tarmac mostly done. I used some MIG pigments Russian Earth on this one and I\'ve started to add some water effects to the hole in the paving, and I will probably add a little bit of static grass or other foliage to it before applying some snow effects. You can also just about make out the plinth which I got at the World Expo.

    Also progressed with the figures coat, trying to emphasise the difference with the other clothing by pushing the blue/purple tones in contrast to the green/brown. I\'m not totally happy with some of the highlighting and shading so I will probably tweak it a bit in places, but I don\'t think it will change much now.

    So the only main parts to do are the boots, belt and buttons.
    Been quite a nice simple figure so far.

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    looks pretty nice you painting style is something else!(in a good way!)

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    It\'s been a long time since I\'ve done any work in progress stuff. The squad for Salute didn\'t leave any time, and I\'ve only done some gaming pieces and some Chick Challenge stuff since.

    My main GD project should be finished soon however, so I\'ve been thinking about something for Euro and a couple of other GD pieces and hopefully I\'ll manage some work-in-progress shots for these.

    For Euro I\'m going to try and do a bust, I got this earlier this year when it came back into production after an American company bought the moulds from Pagan Arts. Haven\'t done a bust since the Dwarf that Tales of War do, hopefully I\'ll be able to manage a bit more contrast and some better flesh tones with this one.

    The plan is for a dark jacket with lots of red
    Dark hat to match the jacket
    Blonde hair

    Undecided about the under shirt
    Maybe just an off white . . . .

    As for GD, I have options for 40k and Fantasy single. First though I intend to finish this LotR piece I started ages back. I\'ll want to re-sculpt the folds at the back of the cloak a little first though so that will give me something to do at work during lunch :)

    (At least the base is already done :) )

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    Well, time for some progress on the Landsknecht bust. Only the 2nd bust I\'ve ever done, so feel free with the tips on how to paint faces properly and I\'ll try and get some better pictures along with a bit more work on it tomorrow. But for now these will show the basic progress.

    This is one evenings work on the flesh, so some basic shading, highlighting and smoothing. Nothing that precise yet, and I\'m a bit tempted to do some work on the hair and shirt next to give it some context. I\'m hoping that the jacket (Currently based with Vallejo black red) will be darker by the time I\'ve finished, providing contrast with a strong orange red for the inserts and sleeves. That will also need to be darkened though, so it will have to be limited bright highlights, especially as the hat will be using the same colours and I won\'t want it too take too much focus from the face.

    Anyway, here are some rather poor pictures
    Staring with the base colours

    After some initial shading

    And some highlighting

    And then some smoothing
    With a little more shading
    Staring with the base colours

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    Bit of a short painting evening after playing a bit of badminton and recovering (The recovering probably took longer). Used some GW Scorched Brown and some terracotta to add a bit of life to the skin tones and then smoothed it back again. So he looks a bit pinker and a bit more lively now. Also base coated the strap and did an initial round of work on the hair.

    I\'m not sure how much most people do before tacking the eyes but I think some highlighting tweaks to the face and the eyes are next on my list, although there is still a lot of work to do on the neck, especially on the left side which is a bit hard to get at.

    And the pics are slightly better . . .

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    it might be worth putting some colour in the eyes as you will see what needs tweaking more. i find once some colour is added like that, it changes everything around it

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    Thanks Tim

    I\'m doing the eyes this evening
    And adding some more red tones around them as well
    A mix of Scorched Brown and Red Gore seems to work nicely for tinting the skin

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    Another evening gone and another step closer to completion. I\'ve done the eyes because I just didn\'t think I could do much else on the face without them, and I also added some more red tone with a mix of Scorched Brown and Red Gore. I\'m quite happy with the result although I think the eyes don\'t quite line up, the left one looking a bit off to the side . . . .

    I\'ve also done the main high lighting and shading for the inner shirt, the folds are really nicely sculpted but it does make it quite tricky to get the shading exact.

    Now I\'ve got the inner shirt done I think I may need to add some darker tones to the neck area and spend an hour or sort really paying attention to the left side of the neck.

    Some more pics including a close-up of the face. If anyone with experience of painting busts has any advice I\'d be really happy to hear it.

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    Well, I\'ve tweaked the left eye
    Need to touch up a dark mark just underneath
    Just about noticeable with a magnifying glass :)

    Also shaded the jacket
    Came out the nice dark red I was looking for

    Then did the inserts and one of the sleeves
    More an orange peach that bright red
    But peach is a man\'s colour !!
    So that\'s all ok :)

    Also started to shade the hat

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    I think the orangey/red really works.

    The inner shirt looks like its been through a whole campaign without a wash! The dirty pink colour isn\'t convincing me that its a cotton inner-shirt. It looks a bit like it\'s been washed with a red sock and worn for a long time.

    The eyes are a little off putting, he has the same expression as a Chiwawa(sp?).

    But looking bloody good

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