PrawnPower\'s WiP : Euro & GDUK 2009 : Pg. 3
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Thread: PrawnPower\'s WiP : Euro & GDUK 2009 : Pg. 3

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    Default PrawnPower\'s WiP : Euro & GDUK 2009 : Pg. 3

    Well, time to get back to some GW figures

    Hopefully Demonherald is sending me the original Eowyn figure so I can attempt it for GDUK
    While I\'m waiting it\'s renegade rider conversion time
    Bit of smoothing to do, and some work on the standard
    And the reins, but they will be after main painting I suspect

    Still, never been very confident with converting/sculpting
    So all ideas and suggestions greatfully appreciated

    This is from before the world expo

    This is now, after a couple of evenings extra work

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    Have you glued anything together on this yet? Reason I ask is it looks like he may be leaning backwards a bit and the left arm could do with being lowered as it looks a bit high up the body to be holding the rains.

    Might be worth considering having him leaning into the horse a bit more.

    Nice idea though I shall look forward to see what else you do to him.

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    she\'s in the postage pile to post in the morning chief should be with you Thurs/Fri

    I\'d be tempted on this bugger to add quite a few grisly details..,, Severed Heads , hands that kind of thing.. maybe strung onto the horse and standard with Barbed wire..

    also maybe mutate the mout a bit more.. They are a funny bugger these things.. kind of near enough to a horse to want to ollow ormal horse anatomy but different enough to change the rules a touch..

    how about flaying a bit of the skin... say on one of the haunches.. grind the flesh back a bit in a rough chaos star shape. sculpt in muscle type detail.. Then define the shpe with skin pulled back and pinned into the mount...

    just spitballig but overall just thinking more grislyness....look forward to seeing this one....

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    also just lookig at the position of the ready ad I\'m guessig this is early days... he looks like he is pulling back on the reigns but the mout position does\'t convey that at all currently

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    The left arm is a bit limited in it\'s options without extensive work. It can\'t really be lowered much further because of the pipe arrangement on the mounts neck, although I may cut the lower arm just to rotate the hand into a more vertical position. But I was planning on having quite a bit of slack in the reins though, having them bundled together and grasped so they stick out the top of the hand a bit so I think that will dispel the \"pulling\" idea.

    Flayed skin on the mount is a definite, but that\'s going to be a painted effect, not a sculpted one. I trust my brushwork more than my putty pushing :)

    And I agree that some extra details would be nice. The renegades pack was a bit lacking except for some grenades and knives, but there is a crest for the standard, and I\'ll have to have a rummage through some standard GW sprues I picked up this year.

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    This is the progress on the Krieg Renegade
    And also the start of the original Eowyn figure (I\'ll make this a general WiP thread)
    Very interested in opinions on Eowyn\'s base
    Or anything else to be honest :)

    I\'ve added a dangling skull and a belt of grenades on the left
    Smoothed and tweaked the coat a bit
    Roughed up the edges saddle and kit
    Duplicated the banner pattern on the other side
    Worked the banner emblem into the banner itself
    And done the basic ground work (Including broken sword)

    The banner still needs a bit of work
    More bits and pieces, possibly some barbed wire
    And definitely a rougher texture to the pole

    Hopefully the stance seems a bit better now

    In addition Eowyn arrived (Thanks Rob/DemonHerald)

    No conversion work here
    Just cleaning up the figure
    And the base is made of bit of plaster
    Not 100% sure on the \"floating\" steps/platform section idea
    But hopefully it will work . . .

    I\'m doing a green man face for the wall at the left
    The idea is this would be a water spout

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    There was a Green Man face on the old Mordheim sprue if you wanted to save yourself the effort of sculpting one.

    Although looking at your stuff so far sculpting your own probably wouldn\'t cause you much trouble :D

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    Really liking this so far Conrad.
    Looking forward to seeing how the renegade develops.


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    i reckon the floating steps will look good

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    Have to say that I\'ve had quite a bit of trouble getting the colours sorted for the renegade so progress has been a bit slower than I\'d hoped. Especially had problems trying to get a weathered metallic look on the armour plates, so I gave up on that and went for a chipped red paint look. I\'m going to need to do another metallics test piece soon I think . . .

    Also to mention that the brown leathers are on the way out.
    They are going to end up various shades of light and dark grey.

    And the stuff oozing from his backpack needs some work
    Can\'t add splatter till the saddle area is painted though

    Anyway, here\'s some pics showing how mixed/messed up something can look :D

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    Hi Conrad

    The photo\'s aren\'t great and i\'m sure they make this appear worse than it actually is but to me the model looks rough.
    Is the painting surface very smooth?
    As I say this may just be the photo.

    As for the red armour I think you need to reduce the size of the highlighting on the chips.
    The light line along the bottom edge should be a lot thinner. I also think it would benefit from an opposite line along the bottom edges of the chips, very dark red/black.
    This should help give them more dimension.

    Looking at it more closely I think you need to add some more thought as to where the edges of the chips will be highlighted. If you are going for an overhead lighting effect then some of those I can see are wrong.

    Keep up the good work, and from seeing you stuff in rl I know this will turn out great.


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    Just about right on all counts I think there :)

    Sorted most of the colour scheme out last night . . finally

    Hopefully I\'ll get most of the basic work done over the weekend
    After that I can get back to smoothing and refining certain bits
    Personally I think the red on the crest of the horses head could do with almost completely re-doing
    Might change my mind though

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    Hee hee interesting seeing how other people approach things.. for me I would have started with the mount thatway helping me tie the rest of the colours in better.. all good fun...

    Firstly The eowyn base should work out really well...

    The renegade .. Banner pole maybe try running some barbed wire down it\'s length just to break the smoothness up..

    Pretty much agree with Nigel on the points he said and the pics.

    also maybe it\'s just at a different stage but something is niggling me about the heavily scratched and chipped head plate and not the snout ..?? maybe run some colour in between the plates either rusty or the toxic gunge.. really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.. hopefully starting actual paint on my stuff this weekend... (sorry scratch hopefully insert better fecking be):beer:

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    Well, noting puts you off posting pics like being a bit disappointed with how things are working out. Still, these show the main work finished, and I\'m definitely happier with it now than I was. The initial work on the \"horse\" has also been done with basic shading and highlighting (Not the lower legs), so hopefully the colours are pulling together better than they were.

    Still got to sort some and tidy bits
    But I think it\'s base and banner first
    I have a couple of extra icons for the banner now

    There is also more work due on the base, mostly snow

    Since these pics I have made a few changes.
    Hopefully I\'ll get more images up tomorrow

    The main changes are
    Markings carved into the flesh of the mount
    The lower legs were darkened
    The grenades were repainted
    The straps on the bed roll were done pale grey
    Drips were added from the canister at the back

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    I really like the idea but I am not entirely convinced of the painting compositionwise. I have pondered for some while and think you should do the mount darker to set the entire piece off. There are too many light colours at the moment. Especially if you are going for a base with snow.

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    This is coming along nicely and I\'m really looking forward to seeing it on the day as photos aren\'t the best way to judge your work ......

    I\'d like to see a little more subtle colour worked into the flesh...
    purple and pinks spring to mind particularly round the veins and in the \"stretched\" skin where the tail bones are pushing up....
    plus maybe some rawness of the skin a touch where the bed roll the saddle and straps etc are rubbing on the skin.Where the pipes enter the skin and such like.

    I\'m not sure how far you are from finished on the green pipes but currently they are bringing the piece down for me....
    The colour and the style just seem not to fit at the moment but as I say but I guess that\'s what the pics are for.

    The bone of the skull is too close to the skin tone currently and needs a bit of something doing..

    .. Loving it though and looking forward as I say to seeing it on the day... hopefully with me holding a finished piece too...

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    I really like the model, nice work, It\'s inspiring me to make one of my own!

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    Thanks for the feedback guys

    I understand what you mean about the overall look of things. I must admit that in part this has a lot to do with the initial problems I had getting a colour scheme that \"worked\". I do not think it is possible to re-work the tone of the horse at this point (I\'ll put some pics up later this evening) as the pale upper areas are needed for the contrast with the carved symbols.

    But I do agree that the overall look and feel is a bit too pale. To be honest the rider was meant to be darker. I may be able to adjust some items later. Also quite a bit of the dark rock should still be visible on the snow base.

    The areas where the pipes enter have been tweaked already
    I\'ll have to see what I can do about the green pipes, skull and other bits

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    I am inclined to agree with Avelorn about the composition. There seems to be a few too many colours with nothing to \"contain\" them, in lack of a better word to explain what I mean. But, on the other hand, I know from experience that sometimes colour schemes don\'t really come together until everything is finished or nearly so, at least. So, in your position, with the time frame you have, I would continue along this path and see what you get in the end. Maybe things come together nicely, or maybe a slight tweak of some area will do the trick.

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    Well this is fairly up to date
    The red where the cables fit into the horse need toning down a bit
    And now I have to finish tweaking the banner and get it painted

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