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    Default Imperial fist contemptor WIP

    Hello again guys and gals, between finishing the last project (the 1/16th marine) your encouragement has spurred me on so i read up as many of the articles as i could and ill be trying to make something nice to look at!

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    Started off with some pre shading then put on the base coat of yellow and then two more yellow high lights with the airbrush.
    Then a Mig brown wash went on being careful to use only vertical brush strokes.
    Then i painted the head and made a start on blocking in the silver.

    I may change the base for a slightly more 'grim dark' one.

    Thanks for looking


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    wtf that went fast! looking good, really weather beaten

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkelettetS View Post
    wtf that went fast! looking good, really weather beaten
    I said the exact same thing out loud.

    Looking good PaintMyBits, Keep it coming!
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    Brush Brother Moetle

    Take a peek you might learn something or teach me something :-)

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    little bit more done but havnt got the weapon arms yet?!
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    while i had the airbrush out i decided to throw this into the mix.

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    Like it! Contemptor...Redunk!
    To work is elevating; to accomplish, superb.

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