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    Having read through the FAQ (like a good little geek), I understand that changing an image requires system administrator intervention. But what if you only want to change some of the info about the mini? I posted a couple of figures and listed the manufacturer as \'other\'. But now I find that the same minis are being made by a different company that is a choice in the manufacturer drop-down menu.

    How do I change this? Or don\'t I?

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    Just go into the mini on your account, switch the make and then hit update info. Then it will just load the new stuff on.:flip::bouncy:

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    Yup, as Taer says.

    From the main page (assuming that you\'re logged in) there is a link on the right side that says \"Your Account\". Click on that, and each of your submissions are listed below your personal info. Just make whatever fixes you want, make sure the \"Update Image\" choice is selected, and hit the \"Do It\" button.

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    Thanks, gentlemen. I thought that button was for changing the actual picture (which may be a good idea, but one thing at a time).

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