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    Default LOL!!

    Warhammer spoof

    Encyclopedia Dramatica. :)
    Don\'t click on the links if you don\'t like porn, but it\'s genius! :D

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    Crap. Rick rolled twice on one page.

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    My eyes hurt after reading the internet speakz, but the space marine on the toilet was well worth the read. lol

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    I couldn\'t read it. The internet speak just got in the way and irritated me.

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    Mostly crap for craps sake (which isn\'t necessarily a bad thing) but this bit did make me chortle :D

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    Originally posted by hakoMike
    Crap. Rick rolled twice on one page.
    lol I expected nothing less! I didn\'t click on any links, could be because of Sauce\'s warning more than anything heh.

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    lol Bookmarked for printing tomorrow! Thanks lol

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