Add a cinematic look to your miniatures by adding Armorcast Cinematic Effects muzzle flashes. Add to any miniature toting gunpowder weapons. Available in small, medium and large muzzle flashes. Also, add detail to your heavy weapons specialist with the RPG/Missile Launcher upgrade kit. Cast in lead free pewter. Sculpted by Shawn Lux.

(905) Missile/Rocket/RPG Launcher Upgrade 4pcs $4.50
(906) Small Muzzle Flash 10pcs $4.50
(907) Medium Muzzle Flash 10pcs $5.50
(908) Large Muzzle Flash 4pcs $4.50

On August 14th, 2008 Armorcast will be releasing these other Cinematic Effects upgrade kits at Gen Con:

Small Laser Flash
Medium Laser Flash
Large Laser Flash
Heavy Laser Flash
Small Plasma Flash
Medium Plasma Flash
Heavy Flash
Small Energy Weapon Flash
Medium Energy Weapon Flash
Large Energy Weapon Flash
Heavy Energy Weapon Flash
Flame Thrower Large Gouts of Fire
Flame Thrower Small Gouts of Fire
Medium Stream of Maggots
Large Stream of Maggots
Small Stream of Slime
Medium Stream of Slime
Large Stream of Slime