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    Default Jeremie Bonamant DVD - question about buying

    Im super keen to get my hands on the JBT tutorial DVD as fast as possible....just saw though that Kraken Editions isnt shipping until Sept 15 due to holidays. Im really impatient - is it sold anywhere else (legally)?

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    I believe Jeremie is bringing copies to sell at Gen Con. If you plan to go or know someone who is going maybe you could pick it up there?

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    Hey guys, what if you bought the DVD at World Expo? How will I get the refined version..since I have heard there are some problems with the DVD.

    Thanks in advanced

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    Yah. The menus and subtitles aren\'t set up correctly on my copy. That\'s the only big deal. Disc One and Disc Two are labeled backward but that\'s no big deal.

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    If you use a good dvd player like cyberlink then you can control the subtitle issue pretty easily by forcing it to english dubbed.

    It is a very good dvd.

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    I have 25 copies of the new Jeremie Bonamant DVD for sale now. I picked them up from Jeremie at Gen Con.

    EMAIL me at and I will send you a Pay Pal invoice to purchase one.

    Price is $35.00 plus $4.75 Shipping for anywhere in the USA.


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    I understand that the Jeremie Bonamant Painting DVD had some errors in the subtitles in the first release, has this been fixed in your copies?

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