Explosions in my neighbourhood.
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Thread: Explosions in my neighbourhood.

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    Default Explosions in my neighbourhood.

    Just before 4 am, today, I was awakened violently. Not 2km away, a propane storage facility had a fire, complete with many explosions. The nearby neighbourhood\'s been evacuated (lucky for me, I\'m just outside the evacuation area), and at this time, the fire is under control according to the news.

    A few intrepid (or incredibly stupid) people managed to get footage and have already put them on youtube, so I snagged one of the better ones to share.

    The evacuees have been shipped to a nearby mall, and the T.T.C. (local public transit) has helpfully supplied vehicles to help move the people.


    Burnt remnants of things were coming down right on my front lawn, about 2km away from the blast zone, which ought to give some idea of how big it was, initially.

    According to the news, only one person is thus far unaccounted for, and I\'m keeping my fingers crossed for him.

    The cause is as yet undetermined.

    Scary stuff, though.

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    Get off the computer, and under your bed!

    Glad to hear you are alright

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    Wow!! Keep indoors till it\'s over....raining shards of tanks! Around town here there are some HUGE propane tanks, not to speak of the trucks around town, and I\'ve often wondered how bad it would be if one of those went off.

    Did you know anyone close to the plant? Hope not.

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    I hope nobody was hurt.

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    Just watch yourself. Shrapnel from those kinds of things can stay in the air for a while.

    What\'s the air quality like?

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    The air is reported as non-toxic over here, and even pretty close to the fire. A few people went to the hospital reporting breathing problems, according to the news, but all the reported injuries at this time are still minor cuts and bruises.

    I don\'t actually know anyone closer to the plant, but a few about the same distance away as me on the other side.

    Road closures are, however, going to make monday\'s schedule impossible to keep if they aren\'t opened by then, because work\'s warehouse is located smack-dab in the middle of the closures, though it isn\'t close enough to the blast area for me to think it was affected beyond that.

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    Did the windows in your house survive?

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    Well that makes sense, as propane supposedly burns fairly clean. Glad you are okay there BSP.

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    wow COOL an explosion !!!!!

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    thats insane!!

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    This is all over the Canadian news - the explosion happened in Toronto\'s north end. Thankfully, use of the \"t word\" in the news is almost nonexistent, that would have annoyed me greatly. Not everything that goes wrong can be pinned on Al Qaeda (besides, the AQ in Canada are schmucks who couldn\'t blow up a pair of water wings).

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    Wow! Be careful please. I don\'t want any bad reports about you.

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    Holy crap! That\'s not your average housefire!

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    This was just on the NBC news here in the states, must have been a big deal.

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    I live a few minutes away from the site of the explosion here in Toronto. I was painting at 4 am and suddenly my house just shooked, it felt like it was an earthquake. This shaking happened 2-3 times throughout the morning. The 2nd time, the sky was red and it pretty much woke everyone up in the household.

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    Any bets on how long it will be before we see videos on You Tube entitled \"OMG SATAN\'S FACE IN TORONTO FIRE!!!11!\"

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    whoa whoa whoa....

    Canada has cars?


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    Originally posted by supervike
    whoa whoa whoa....

    Canada has cars?

    They\'re a very new innovation for us, actually. Just in the last five years.
    I prefer my dog team, personally.
    Or the skidoo, if I can get gas.

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    I thought it was just Moose and sleds man.

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    I\'m sure canadians have cars... lets ask some.

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