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    Default Space Hulk?

    I always thought Space Hulk looked intriguing, but never really seemed to have time for it.

    Now, of course, it can only be found for dreadful high prices on Ebay, and tantalizing hints on the \'net.

    I just love the idea of a modular game board, with a limited (or rather smallish) set of pieces. But it seemed it had the versatility for modifications and an huge number of mutations....

    Why isn\'t this game still around?

    Are there other \'version\'s of it? ( Other games with similar mechanics).

    Does anyone want to regale me with stories of it\'s greatness?

    Thoughts, discussion?

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    I found space hulk to be like bloodbowl, a nice \'easy\' game from GW thats quicker than the larger games.

    It was a lot easier due to the limited pieces, it was pretty much playable from the box but could be worked to be amazing.

    Like you could use the terminators/genestealers included with the cardboard spacehulk. But if you felt the need you could build your own hulk and tool up the models to great paintjobs etc.

    I haven\'t played spacehulk as much as bloodbowl but found it to be similar in terms of ease of play and how much you want to do to enhance your gaming experience (ie terrain hulks/built bloodbowl stadiums etc etc)

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    I seem to recall they released it twice the Terminators in the first release were a sort of pre-heresy style but nath.
    However, if you cut them at the mid section and pinned them you could make them swivel at the hips so to speak lol

    One of the things I always liked about it was thatalthough you had set missions with the add ons you still had a good set of floor plans to make your own variations and with different companies doing stuff in resin now you could also substitute the card for resin pieces :D

    I heard a rumour that they are doing another version of it and also another computer game to go with it, how true I am not sure.

    The PC game they released back in times gone by was on 2 floppy disks lol and the damn steallers killed me off every time before I even got anywhere and that was on the easy levels lol if you got killed it was blood and gore spread across the screen even in those days :D

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    Space Hulk was one of the most enjoyable games GW ever released. I always remember going to a Games Day and watching (open mouthed) a fully sculpted board (complete with lights all over the place). It was huge!

    The UK GW website had up some rules to \'play\' a Space Hulk game with 40k rules if I remember correctly.

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    It seems to be fondly remembered by anyone who has ever played it.

    Why did they abandon it? (not a rant on GW\'s business decisions)

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    Great game, I still break it out every now and then. The second expansion: Deathwing, even released rules for random scenario generation, so even after playing through all the variety of scenarious there was still some great replay value.

    As far as similar games, there were two spin offs launched, but neither lasted very long. The First was Advanced Space Crusade and the Second was Tyranid attack. Both used the same point based engine.

    I\'m pretty sure you can get a living rulebook somewhere off the net. There\'s no reason you really need the game, as you probably have all the minis you need to play already and making up a series of corridors is pretty easy, and even easier if you have a battlemat. The only bits you would probably need to make are the blips.

    As for why they don\'t still make it, I seriously have no idea. It may have something to do with the two PC games that were released and licencing issues around them. I only guess this because I really can\'t think of a good reason why GW wouldn\'t cash in on it\'s obvious popularity.

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    I\'ve been searching in vain for an online luck yet. Anyone find a link, I\'d be greatful.

    I\'m surprised there haven\'t been a spate of copycat type games, using other genre\'s or ideas expounding on it.

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    I\'ve never played it, but have been very intrigued for several years. I\'ve just never pulled the trigger on my urge yet.

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    Originally posted by supervike
    It seems to be fondly remembered by anyone who has ever played it.

    Why did they abandon it? (not a rant on GW\'s business decisions)
    IIRC GW had it produced by M&B games under license and chose not to continue the association with M&B.
    Not sure why as Space Hulk was a reasonable game, even if genestealers ripped me a new one every time I played.

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    There seems to be a few adaptions about including adaption from kill teams heres a few links.

    LINK 1
    LINK 2
    Link 3

    Link 3 seems about the best for an online version of the rule book, I have only had a quick glance and I think it is the 2nd Edition rules.

    Damn you Jim now I want to play again but have nobody to play against :(

    I am sure somebody somewhere did an online version similar to Blood Bowl but can\'t find it.

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    Spacehulk V.1 was great as the marine player only had a certain amount of time in which to do everything he wanted to do in his turn. V.2 got rid of the physical time limit and replaced it with an action point system which still managed to capture the sense of urgency of the first game but allowed you to go and make a cup of tea halfway through your turn.

    Bonus lol

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    Thanks for all of the comments guys!

    I did find a site that one could download the rules if so inclined....

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    Thanks for the link Vike. I might check into those rules myself for some home play.

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    I haven\'t checked the link yet, but the original space hulk was also supported in white dwarf and they had many articles for using other armies and figures in the game. I remember in particular greyknights, regular marines, harlequins, and orcs.

    There are some pictures on the Hirstarts forum of a guy who is making a space hulk using the spaceship molds. it looked pretty cool. plus in one of Hirstarts projects section he shows how to make a mageknight \"arena\" which showed some pictures of them using it for space hulk. lots of good modeling info on that site.

    anyways hope this helps

    Sinister Jester

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    Talking scenery, Worldworks games pretty much launched with a set that I swear was made specifically for Space Hulk. They\'ve changed it a bit so it doesn\'t look exactly like the original board tiles but it would still work well.

    Here\'s an example pic:
    Okay all the pics on the site are huge and I don\'t feel like downloading and resizing, just follow the link and look at their Sci Fi stuff. Heck look at all their stuff, it\'s the best papermodel stuff I have seen.

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    I\'ve got a few of their \'paper kits\' and I really think they are fantastic.

    The modeller in me pooh poohs the \'paper terrain\' idea (just slightly)

    But the game in me loves them.

    Not sure why there are so many strange people inside of me....

    This one looks particularly perfect: id=248

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    Holy bagpipes:o

    Thanks for the links guys i may be investing very soon into some of those hulks, they are awsome.

    Space hulk was an excellent game and got me into 40k and most importantly Dark Angels. I thought Advanced space crusade and tyranid attack where before space hulk and the aditions as the models are much much older.

    There is a mod availible for Dawn Of War that converts it into Space Hulk its incredible;24684

    Have fun Guys IT IS THE NUTS :beer:

    Chris :cool:

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    Space Hulk is my favourite game of all time, I don\'t remember it being produced by MB though are you sure you are not mixing it up with Space Crusade DR?
    I had both the game itself and the two add ons Genestealer and Deathwing plus also the Missions book. Add to that the wealth of scenarios and extra board sections printed in WD and the game was a blast to play. A group of friends and myself used to tie two games together, we would set up a game of Space Fleet (today\'s Battle Fleet Gothic) and do boarding scenarios once a target was suitably subdued it was then summarily boarded and the switch was made to the Space Hulk game. These games could last for hours and hours.
    I think the reason it was dropped eventually was the fact that there was only so far it could be developed (though I may be wrong on that) One thing I do know is that I regret letting all mine go.

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    Tim, that is exactly the kind of game I\'ve always thought would be fantastic. A scalable game...

    A space fleet game that scales down into a skirmish game...add a bit of RPG element in there, and I think it would be a winner!

    I\'ve gone through the 1st edition rules, and I\'m pretty stoked about trying it. I think the \'timed\' round is a stroke of genius, and I can see how that would really add to the tension.

    I read somewhere that Deathwing introduced SOLO PLAY rules, and I think that would also be very cool to try as well (especially given my lack of known gamers)..>But a quick glance at the rules I downloaded it wasn\'t readily apparent. Anyone know for sure?

    Anyhow, I think we should should all begin a SPACE HULK REVIVAL!!

    Start getting your gaming groups going!

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    Yep there was a set of Solo play rules which was a great idea especially as you say if you have a very limited number of like minded people about.
    My favourite scenario came in the main game and I think was called \"stand\" or something like that, basically you placed your marines strategically about the board and then it was just a matter of attrition and luck. The aim was to kill a set number of stealers before your own termies bought it. You had to move from the boarding area and place your marines before the stealers were on you, with a bit of clever placement and the use of the \"overwatch\" rule you could just about do it before your last termite got squashed lol.

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