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    Woo! Finally got my new lighting setup in the post today, along with a little daylight lamp, and I\'ve been testing them out. They\'re brilliant! :D The only problem is, my painting now needs to be much better. :(

    Here is a quick before and after comparison:

    I tried out some things that War Griffon told me, and although it hasn\'t quite worked on this image (see the damsel\'s hair and the tail of the red knight\'s horse), I\'m still encouraged by my initial results. What do you think?

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    Your second photo is really sharp and clean

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    Thanks! That would be the \"after\" shot. I\'ve uploaded a bigger version so the comparison is easier.

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    Yep, that\'s a big improvement. I\'ve got my lighting setup now but nowhere to set it up until I can get the electrician to put in some more wall sockets. Well, I could set it up on the dining table but I\'d have to keep moving it.

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    That\'s a massive leap forward!

    The colour of the light is spot on and that\'s always one of the hardest things to nail.

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