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    Originally posted by dougaderly

    Now I have to go call back the hell hounds I sent your way. *sigh*


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    Originally posted by lizcam
    Originally posted by Hinton
    Originally posted by lizcam
    have been contacted for address by Crestion du Sable. Very quick too! Didn\'t even know the list was up.

    I love mini exchange! :D
    I was kind of hoping that you would be after me on the list, Liz. Oh well, maybe next time. :)

    I\'m going to wait until Friday to make sure the list is finalized before sending PM\'s out. Hope no one minds.
    Maybe next time indeed! Did you have something special planned? ;)


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    I\'ve been looking through demonherald\'s gallery, and had to switch about my package a little, because the first selection was mostly stuff he\'d already done. I didn\'t want to be boring. :)

    Of course, he may have already done what I\'m sending, too, and just not posted it, yet.

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    Originally posted by Crestion du Sable
    The list is finalized today, ja?
    Yup! that\'s right - the list is final.

    Have been working my a** off all day and haven\'t had a chance to check in until now...

    Happy Exchanging Everyone! :beer:

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    Living in Houston, I\'ve been rather distracted by Ike\'s impending landfall. I hadn\'t even noticed the completion of the list.

    Luckily, my above and below both studiously contacted me, so all is well and in process.

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    PM\'s sent.

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    Default fun...



    /waits more...


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    I\'m off to the post office to put minis in the mail.

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    Sent messages to Millboy and PlaneCrazy. Just waiting for a reply and then operation mini exchange will be underway. :D

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    I\'ve PMed Gussy asking for his address, will keep the list posted as I am a flagged newbie.

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    PMs sent, packed and ready for postage tomorrow.

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    PM\'d both above and below...package ready to be mailed monday, as I didn\'t make it to the post office today.


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    Mailed. Now I just have to wait and be sure they get there, and wait to see what goodies might come my way.

    Giddy excitement. I hope demonherald likes what I sent.

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    Contacted both and waiting for Trevor to get the package from Danl before I send mine off down-under. Can\'t wait to get Dougaderly\'s package!

    (Speaking of, I had some confusion earlier. The list has Danl\'s name misspelled, so the PM I sent went to the wrong person. I got it straightened out by looking back in the thread.).


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    Have PMed mattsterbenz and Trevor, just waiting for Trevor to reply.

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    Originally posted by painterboyroy
    Have PM\'d both above and below me and will package minis tonight. Will even splash out on International signed for. so I can track package. As last package I sent to Sweden took over 3 weeks.. go figure..
    just waiting to hear back from mine then parcel off to the post office..

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    Just about to send of my stuff, if the post office is closed it\'ll get sent tomorrow :)

    (Pm\'d both my peeps)

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    sending tomorow roger!


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    Parcels sent, netherlands tho, so i hope the royal mail is up to snuff.

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