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    Hello Eweryone!
    I want to show You my Chaos Demonet that im painting as a commision job. The Client ordered paintjob in a simmilar color scheme to the Mathieul\'s work. It\'s still a WIP so please be gentle with Your comments :D

    What do You think?

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    Good job so far. The colors are pretty close to the mathieul\'s. The only difference I see is that Mathieul\'s skin tone is a bit colder.

    The only critique I have is the the back of the leg could use a darker shadow. Other than that the painting is excellent.

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    Looking great so far mate! The only thing that turns me off is the face and I think it\'s because the eye brows are a bit too dark and thick. Try toning it down a bit it may look more feminine. :)

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