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    Hey guys

    Been casually sculpting for a view years now and have been thinking of doing a bust for some time now. The other day while on the bus from work, I sketch the following.

    From this I now have an idea on how my bust will look.

    Using \"The Gnomon Workshop - Sculpture with John Brown\" as a reference, ive started with the base for what my bust will be built upon. Heres what I have so far.

    Over the next coming weeks, I will be working on this. I aim to keep this post updated at least once or twice a week.

    So feel free to give tips and constructive criticism.



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    Hey guys

    Apologies for the wait, been really busy atm and havent had to much time.

    Its not much, but here\'s what Ive done so far.

    So far Ive mainly been working on the skull structure of the head. As you can see ive drilled out the eye sockets. I realised that the diameter of the eye sockets should be close to being the same distance of the points marked at the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose...its something i noticed and wasnt pointed out in the dvds.

    Also another tip for when you are originally making the basic shape of the head (shown in the step above) is to make sure that there are no air pockets. Make sure the head is one solid peice of green stuff. It means you have a more solid surface to work on, and in the case of drilling, it makes it easy and cleaner. :)

    What else...I added the eye brows bone structure and made the outline shape of the temple.

    So here are the pics

    Also if you guys have any tips to make the images clearer let me know.

    And of course any crits and tips on the project are greatly appreciated


    Nat ;)

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    I dont have any tips, but since I have no sculpting abilities I am always fascinated when others do, so ill be checking back on the thread to see how its progressing.

    Quick question though, if your doing a bust why are you doing it so small? Not that its a bad thing, but when I think of a bust I just assume a larger size.

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    Yeah, one of the things Im wanting to achieve is allow people to use this as a source for when they want to try something like this. So its good to see some interest.

    As to why it seems so small...well Im use to sculpting heads the less that 5mm high so this is a larger size for me lol. Also this is the base so it will be getting bigger as I build upon it.

    Cheers for the interest


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    Definitely not much to comment on so far although you are keeping it nice and smooth. I will be checking back as I am interested in seeing how this turns out.

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