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Thread: M1A2 Abrams MBT conversion to Imperial Guard (From painting and conversion board)

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    Very, very well done DaN. The weathering is top-notch and you did pay particular attention to how people use the tank. I love the rust especially. I give it a sold 8.5.

    The only thing I would nitpick (and it is a nitpick, I agree) is with the mud. Where you have it, it\'s great. Only that if you have that much mud in the tracks themselves and spraying up over the armor skirts as far as they are, there would be much more inside the actual wheels as well - all around the inside, not just on the bottom side as it tends to pack in there pretty good. Many an hour I\'ve spent with a firehose spraying that stuff off up there!

    Although I did notice you have it packed up inside the rear, left taillight housing, it does get up in there too! Very nice.

    Sweet job and let us know when you\'ve got it up for voting.

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    :redface::redface::redface: Gee thanks guys :P

    Noted on the mud Suki - it\'s easy enough to mix up a bit more.

    it should be submitted and ready by the end of the weekend :)

    @Eupherion - Haha this is true... But I don\'t think I\'ll bother :D

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    Crackin work Dan. Been waiting to see how it turned out in the end.

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    This turned out fantastic! Great job Dan.


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