Oh my GOD!!!
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Thread: Oh my GOD!!!

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    Holy crap! What the hell is wrong with people? I mean, I can understand getting a tattoo and even piercing some body parts, but that\'s just going too far.

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    Wasn\'t - expecting - that.......

    Different strokes I guess, just not mine for sure.

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    Seriously wish I hadn\'t looked at that.........:|~

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    I think it\'s kinda cool. The pain, obviously, would suck, but the art it creates looks nice. I\'d be proud of having something like that done, especially since I personally couldn\'t stand the pain.

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    Originally posted by Shawn R. L.
    Seriously wish I hadn\'t looked at that.........:|~
    I warned you.

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    Before I look, dare I ask how graphic it is?

    I\'ve seen the picture of the dude who turned his winky into a dragon (tattooed and pierced) then I\'ve seen the girls who\'ve had implants pierced into their backs to hold up angel or demon wings. And I\'ve also seen the piercings that allow a female to create a corseted look to her naked body by lacing ribbon through the rows of loops on her back.

    Is it worse than any of those? If so, me no looky.

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    Its about on par with those - no winkies though.

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    I\'d be sort of curious to see winky dragon if you\'ve still got a link to that.

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    Seen that before. Doesn\'t get any easier to see it though. Have to wonder what it will look like when they get older and their skin doesn\'t hold it\'s shape anymore. Wrinkly tattoos look bad enough.

    Tattoos can be cool and at least they can be removed....

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    So she actually had her skin cut off in order to create that???

    I bet she ate the skin they cut off...

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    That\'s all kinds of f***ed up. What else can anyone really say?! lol In all seriousness though, why not just get a tat in red ink?!
    I\'m not sure where the statement lays in all this...it all points to \"Emo\" for me lol

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    Imagine jumping in the pool or into sal water when that thing wasn\'t totally healed.

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    Wasn\'t there some rock singer a while back who was saying that he actually admired people who didn\'t have a single tattoo? I tried to find the article, but couldn\'t. Something about that its become so popular, that the trend setters were the ones with no body modifications at all.

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    yeah, judging by the comments, I\'m gonna go ahead and not look.lol

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    What kind of self-esteem issues do you have to have to even consider something like that?

    I mean, there\'s no way to tell that the final product isn\'t a monochrome tattoo. So you\'re always going to have to bring it up on how it was done.

    I just don\'t get it.

    Also, what about the \'artist\' who did the procedure? Something tells me that isn\'t sanctioned by any licensing body. And trusting your health to someone who isn\'t licensed to perform a completely untested procedure is just .. not right.

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    That being said the end result is atractive but.....................

    <shudder> I\'m glad I didn\'t eat much today.

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    Ritualistic/Artistic scaring has been around for a long time, this is hardly new. It\'s nicely done, but not for me.

    Here\'s the horrible part not shown. To get the scar to keep its shape and color even you have to scrub the scabs off daily. How\'s that for gruesome?

    To each their own, it\'s funny, I\'ve drawn tattoos for people, all the girls I\'ve dated have interesting piercings, and yet my skin is virginal. Go figure.

    Thanks for sharing... art is art. Sadly.

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