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    Hey there guys and gals! I\'ve finished my Blood Elf for the lady friend and now comes the part where I put the brush down to get some feedback on what was done well about the model as well as what could be improved!

    Here\'s the link for the submission (Feel free to vote on it as well! It\'s always much appreciated):

    Personally, I felt I did a pretty good job on the model. It was something completely different for me due to the fact that it was a female mini! I\'ve never painted a female before, so I had to remember to keep the features light and such. I also worked a lot on my blending this time around and my progress shows in my latest project, my chaos army.

    On a personal level, I need to improve on blending of skin tones, color choices, and photography. Skin tones are a little rough for me, I\'m not used to painting them all that much. This will get better with time I suppose.

    The color choices were given to me by the lady friend. I would have done some things differently, but in this project, I let her have a say at what\'s colored what. Now that I look at it, I could have done a few more variations to make them mini pop colorwise, even with the pallette I was given.

    Photography was my bane in this one. The reds and other colors wouldn\'t come out right in the photos as they do in person, it was incredibly frustrating! Currently, and in my demon army, I\'m learning to use the manual setting to my Cool Pix P80. I find the images are much clearer and you can see the detail more. I also have my lighting functioning the way I want it now. This will help improve my photos. I\'m also working on the post-production elements, such as using Photoshop to get the contrasts right to show the reds and other finicky colors correctly as well as how to save the images correctly.

    This will all improve as I go on though! Now, I\'d like to hear from any of you patient and willing enough to provide comments and criticism! I\'m here to learn and improve my painting skills, so you\'re the teachers. Thanks ahead of time for looking and especially if you provide feedback.

    Thanks a bunch and happy painting!


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    First of all very neat, really nice colours,


    Not emough shading, the skin tones could use more definition, the red is superb but again needs more shading,

    Very nice job over all,


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    Very clean solid colors you did. Might be the photo but i agree, there needs to be more pop on the blending of the colors. I do love the attention to detail by adding the solid glowing green eyes. I\'m sure your friend will be very happy with her.

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    I may try to photograph the mini again tonight with my proper equipment. Let\'s give it a whirl!

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    It almost looks like one of those plastic pre-painted minis (a really good quality one). I don\'t really mean that in a bad way though. I think the main thing, as others have said, is you could add some depth using shading especially to the red cloak. The deepest folks could be a lot darker for example. It\'s nice, neatly executed.

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    You\'ve got your colors smooth and the transitions are good, but like the others said it needs a bit more depth. Keep doing what you\'re doing, just add a couple more layers of shading and highlights and you\'ll see your work improve dramatically.

    Great job and keep painting :)


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