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    i ordered the assault on black reach set not terribly long ago and am picking it up next weekend. to be honest im stumped as to how to paint the marines. so many marines have already painted and me being me i like being different. i am tempted however to paint them as salamanders as well. i dont think you see them entirely often. any sudgestions on paint schemes are welcomed ^_^

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    What should I have for dinner? :D

    tbh mate - they\'re your marines :P
    You can paint them however you like :)

    The questions you want to ask are:

    Do I want them quite uniform and codex like Ultramarines, or do I want them less structured like Space wolves?

    And what colours do I like? (Pick about 3)

    Then go to www.bolterandchainsword.com and use the Marine paint tool there - it\'s easy and very useful. :D

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    i always liked the dark angels the most. and you could easily convert them with the dark angels sprue.

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    I just picked up the Apocalypse book and the Mentors in there looked great as an army. I was considering that for the Black Reach box since it will be for my son\'s army.. but he likes blue.. so we\'ll see,

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    Raven Guard. You see them way less than other people and they\'re a first founding chapter!!!

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    \"Hello, Kitty\" Space Marines sound great, to me.
    Or \"Hello Cthulu\".

    Failing that, do OOTS.

    EDIT: I feel a need to say that I suggested \"Hello Kitty\" BEFORE ever
    seeing that pic in the \'I dare you not to laugh\' thread in general....

    I\'m very disappointed that I didn\'t think of it first, now.

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