Help needed with Skaven warplightning cannon
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Thread: Help needed with Skaven warplightning cannon

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    Default Help needed with Skaven warplightning cannon

    Okay, so I\'m having trouble fitting the engineer on the side part with his right arm at the correct angle to operate the cannon and also so the telescopic sight lines up with his eye. He just doesn\'t want to seem to fit. Anyone who\'s managed to put one together had similar issues or any solutions for me? Pics of the cannon from angles that will show how to place him would really help, too.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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    Can YOU give some pics of what isn\'t working UD?
    I think I had a similar problem (From the sounds of it) with a marine heavy bolter feed...

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    If he\'s close to the pose then the softness of the metal makes it easy to (with a plastic or soft wood tool) simply force it into place - bend him to fit.

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    Okay, I\'ve taken some pics. First off the cannon with the telescopic sight and the right arm.

    And with the enigineer in the right place.

    One from the side showing where the engineer is supposed to be.

    A closeup to show where he\'s looking. The sight lines up with the left eye.

    Some shots to show the space the arm is supposed to fit. The lever connects to the cylinder on the top of the cannon.

    And a final one showing the arm.

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    So like Shawn said - can you not bend the piece(s)?

    Or if not, pin them where they SHOULD line up and fill out any gaps with GS?

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    Pinning them would be a problem as the arm isn\'t very thick and it\'s actually a case of not enough room to fit rather than too much to need any gaps filling.
    Bending the lever might be all I could do.

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    What about pinning the torso and just green stuffing a new arm? - it doesn\'t look that detailed from the picture... ???

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    The engineer won\'t be attached to the cannon until painting as he\'ll be in the way of some of it. A new arm is a possibilty, I suppose. At least the cannon, as is, will be okay to use in my first WFB game in a little over a week\'s time.

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    I built this guy a few years ago.... and gave up trying to make it work without mods. I build a small fake platform of wooden planks to lift him a few mm off the frame, then attached a short length of styrene red to make the lever actually touch part of the cannon body.

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    I\'ve built a few of these and I feel your pain.

    Here\'s a couple pictures of a more recent one I did as a commission. Sorry the angles are not perfect but since I don\'t have this piece anymore it\'s the best I can do. Even though I got it to fit decently it\'s still not lined up perfect. Frustration got the better of me.

    I pinned everything on it but I won\'t say it was quick or easy, because it wasn\'t.

    Here\'s a couple tricks:
    -Test fit the engineer and his arm. Glue those in place first. Then make adjustments to the scope until it lines up.
    -The scope will need some filing where it joins with the barrel of the gun, otherwise it won\'t line up right.

    If I remember right I don\'t think I glued the seat in the hole provided on the axle. I\'m pretty sure I clipped it off and pinned in a different spot.


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    Thanks for the help, glad to iknow it\'s not just me.

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    Okay, I\'ve done some more shots with the arm glued on.

    The first two are with the seat fitted into the hole in the axel and you can obviously see I can\'t move the engineer around for the lever to connect.

    The next two I\'ve positioned the engineer so the lever connects but in order for him to be there I\'ll have to extend the platform, which might be the easiest thing to do.

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    Yeah that\'s what you\'ll have to do. I hope they make this figure plastic at some point.

    Just remember that it is Skaven after all and they won\'t have everything built perfect :)


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    I already had to readjust the screaming bell, including squashing half of the bell itself so it lihned up with the other half. Oh well, just this cannon a few characters to clean up.

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